An Unsealed Window, A Busy Day at Work, and the Courage to Try (10/13/18)

So last night I attempted to close a window in my room that has been open since before I moved in. Now, up to this point, I’ve ignored it, partly because it was summer and it let in some nice warmth, and two because I kept it sort of blocked off with random pillows and extra things I stored in that area, since I had nowhere else to put it. However, it is now beginning to get damn cold out, especially at night, and I am beginning to get pretty damn chilly in my room. Now, my body itself is fine, but I have terrible circulation in my hands and feet, so my hands are freezing right now. (My feet are okay because I’m almost always wearing socks. Hopefully I can figure this shit out before too much longer, because it is going to continue to get colder, and it’s gonna waste heat– both are things I do not want to happen; one of which is inevitable, to be fair)

So when I woke up this morning– that’s right, this morning– I was not pleased when I looked at the time. I had alarms set for 12:30PM, and my body had woken me up at 9:30AM. Unable to fall back asleep at first, I did my normal routine of checking all of my social media and basically doing nothing but procrastinate for about an hour or so, before deciding I would try giving sleep a go again. I quickly passed out, and woke up around 1PM this time around, and after a bit of laziness, I got myself out of bed, ready for the day. Since I had some time to spare before work, I hopped on League to play a game, only to lose and be annoyed. Now I had under an hour before I needed to leave for work, so I hopped in the shower and got ready. I left around 3:15, headed down to the subway, and caught the next available A downtown. Luckily there were no delays today, so I made it to Emma’s Torch with some time to spare. I greeted everyone who had worked the Brunch shift, and sat down to eat for the half hour before Dinner began. This shift started pretty slow, but I could tell from the books that it was going to pick up pretty fast, starting at around 7:00. And it all went really smoothly. We had a great pace and the restaurant was calm and relaxed… until it wasn’t. Now don’t get me wrong, we worked hard today, and it showed. There weren’t really any screw-ups, and the customers stayed happy, but damn did it feel busy. It hit 7PM and person after person came in asking for tables. The main thing that I think tripped everyone up was that we had a 5 or 6 top walk in, an hour before we had a reservation 4 or 6 top. The walk-in was told if they could get out in an hour, they were free to have the table. The happily agreed and sat down. However, when the hour was up and the reservation had arrived, they were not too pleased that they weren’t offered dessert and were just handed the check. Thankfully they got up and left, and we were able to seat the reservation pretty quickly. I wasn’t dealing with that side of the restaurant though, so I wasn’t too stressed about it.

Finally around 9PM, things began to slow down. I couldn’t believe it was already 9 o’clock, though I guess that’s a perk of working in the restaurant industry– time flies because you’re so busy. We finally got the last people to leave the restaurant around 10:10, and began cleaning up and closing up the restaurant for the evening. We ended up finishing up and leaving just before 11PM, which is honestly not too bad. Also, when I was sweeping under the chairs at the bar, I noticed that the guy who was sitting there and had left, dropped a $20. Since we couldn’t run after him and return it, because he was long gone, the cash was split between myself and the other server. Hey man, I will always take a free $10. I finally headed to the subway, hopped on the train, and was on my way back to Manhattan. I arrived at my stop just before midnight, and went by the local Right Aid to pick up some cookies, deodorant, and hand soap, since we were out in the bathroom. I am very grateful because I don’t have a Rite Aid card, and do not really feel like getting one, but the woman next to me in line was kind enough to put in her number, so I could get a discount. She didn’t have to do it, but it was still such a kind gesture, and I am grateful to her for it.

And you know how the rest of the night went. I went home, ate my dinner, and played some League, getting tilted after losing. However! I am proud to say that I more or less asked the girl I’ve been talking to on OKCupid out on a date, and she agreed, so that’s something. I don’t really do that kind of thing, but hey, if she’s down, so am I. She’s vegetarian, (I have no idea how I keep winding up befriending and talking to so many vegetarians), so I need to find a decently cheap, good restaurant with veggie options. Shouldn’t be too hard. I’ll keep you updated on that though. Oh! Also, today is the second day of that musical theater thing, so my second musical is Billy Elliot. It was one of the first musicals I saw, (I was in the 8th grade and I saw it in Chicago with my church choir group on a trip), and I was blown away by the story. It also meant something near and dear to me, because my mom died just that past year basically, and Billy Elliot’s mother passed away, and had written him a note that is read aloud between her and him. It’s such a touching moment, and I remember quietly breaking down and crying during the show it was so powerful. Honestly such a great show.

Alright now I am gonna try to do some pushups and pass out. I gotta be up at 7AM tomorrow for another fun Brunch shift. Can’t wait!

Until next time,


Billy Elliot

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