A Chilly Fall Day with A “Venom”ous Evening (10/12/18)

As I slowly woke up today, I realized just how lazy I get on my days off. When I have work, I make sure that I’m up and moving, and I always get to work on time; but when it comes to having a day off, I never seem to actually get out of my bed until 3PM. Now, this is okay every once and awhile, but I hate seeing that I keep doing this on a consistent basis. I’m putting this here in my blog, as to hopefully push myself to actually being more productive with my days off. I want to actually start going to the gym and getting in shape, I want to work on my website and actually complete it. I enjoy playing League, and the season ends November 12th, so I want to continue grinding, but there are plenty of other things I want to do as well. I want to use this blog as a motivation to do more so I have more to write about, not as an excuse that I’m not doing anything, and I’m sorry if it gets boring. I want posts, especially ones on my days off, to be filled with excitement and tons of things to talk about. I want you, the reader, to get excited when you see my blog, not just read it because you have nothing else to do. Now don’t get me wrong, when I’m working, those days will stay mostly the same, but my hope is to create more goals on my days off. Anyways, onto today.

Today I woke up, and rolled out of bed at 3PM, debating what I wanted to do with the day. As I was pondering, I went into the kitchen and heated up some leftover pasta, and ate my lunch while playing some League. After a few hours of grinding, I decided that I should get out and do something with my day, so I looked up movie times for the evening. I noticed that Venom was playing at my local theater at 8:15PM, and noting that it was already 7 o’clock and I had done nothing all day, I decided why not, should be fun. I was surprised, when I bought my ticket, to find just how full the theater was for an evening show. Now I understand that the movies I’ve gone to see so far haven’t been the most popular movies, or they’ve been out for a while now, so there are less people going to see them, but still it was weird how packed I assumed the theater would be. I spent the next hour taking a shower and getting ready, because I’d rather not go out in public looking like shit. I caught the 7:59 train, and ended up making it to the theater by 8:10. (Gotta love it when the subway work properly) I head on inside and show my e-ticket on my phone, and head into the theater. When I get inside, I finally get to see in person just how packed the theater is. Normally I walk in and there’s maybe 2 or 3 people there. This time there was at least 20 or 30 people– I guess everyone wanted to see Venom. I go to take my “assigned” seat, but noticing that it looked like someone took my spot, I sit an aisle behind, right in the center; aka the best seat. I wait around for the movie to begin, sitting through a good 20-25 minutes of trailers, as more and more people walk into the theater. I worry that someone’s going to tell me that I’m in there seat and I’ll have to move, but luckily that doesn’t happen, and relax as the trailers end and the movie begins.

Now looking at the reviews, I wasn’t sure what to expect from Venom. It doesn’t have a very good critics score on Rotten Tomatoes, but it seemed like audiences generally seemed to enjoy it. Without spoiling anything from the movie, I can understand why critics had issues with Venom. The plot at times seems a bit flimsy, the script feels a bit stale and awkward at times, and the fight between the Symbiotes, (kind of a spoiler, but not really), felt hard to follow at times. However, despite those grievances, it was still a really fun movie. Tom Hardy’s portrayal of Eddie and Venom is fantastic, and the banter between the two is a lot of fun to watch. It was great to watch him “let loose and go crazy” (quoting a WatchMojo.com video “Top 5 Things Venom Did Right”). Seriously though, even though it may not be my favorite Marvel movie, it was still a good movie, and I really look forward to whatever is in store for the character.

As the credits rolled to a stop and I left the theater, I debated what I wanted to eat tonight; It was already almost 11PM, and I didn’t feel like making food. After thinking about a few different options, I finally decided on Taco Bell. It’s right by my apartment, and it’s some solid late night dinner food. I walked down to the subway, right as the Uptown A arrived, so I hopped on the train and headed home. When I arrived at my stop, I got out, and made my way to my local Taco Bell. On my way there, there was a guy walking beside me who saw a used cigarette on the ground, picked it up, and put it in his mouth, as he searched for his lighter. Now I don’t know what’s going on in that guy’s life, but damn. Don’t fuck with nicotine– that stuff would grab onto you and never let you go. Anyway, I bought my Taco Bell and headed back home, to enjoy a relaxing rest of my evening.

As the night went on, I figured I might as well start up the 10 Day Musical Theater thing on Facebook, so I made my first post. Now the challenge says to not say why you picked the Musical, but I figured I’d explain it here, since fuck the rules. For this first day, I went with Once Upon A Mattress. I decided on this because it was the first Musical I ever did; I was in eighth grade, and I played Prince Dauntless, a little bitch of a mommy’s boy who falls in love with Princess Winnifred. It was such a fun musical to do, and although I didn’t have the best voice back then, and I was nervous as all hell, I’m still so thankful I got to play that role. It was so much fun.

Alright, that’s it for me this evening. Tomorrow I have work at 4:30PM, and since it’s already 3:51 now, I should probably get some sleep. Oh, also! I started talking to a girl today on OkCupid, so let’s see if that goes anywhere. Probably not, but you never know.

Until next time,


Once Upon A Mattree.jpg

*I would’ve used a picture of my school’s production of Once Upon A Mattress, but all I could find were videos, not pictures. Feels bad man.

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