A Calm, Rainy Day at Work with Some Generous Customers (10/11/18)

Today I finally headed back to work after three days off. I woke up at 11:30, rolled out of bed, and took a shower before heading off. I checked the weather and made sure to bring my umbrella, since it seemed like this afternoon was gonna get a bit wet. I hopped on the A train at 2:52 and headed towards Brooklyn. One odd thing that happen on my way, however, was I had someone continuously attempt to airdrop me things on the subway. First it was some pictures, which I declined, but then it was a note, and I said fuck it, why not. Curious, I opened up the note to see it said “SUCKK MY DICCKK.” Ah okay. How anticlimactic. They attempted to send another note, but I declined, and the train finally pulled into the station. I checked my phone, and was happy to see that I got there with plenty of time to spare! I arrived at Jay St. by 3:35 and was ready to transfer to the F, when I notice that all the board said was F- Delayed. Well that’s no good. I need to be at work in 20 minutes! I lean against a wall and listen to some music, debating what I should do. One A train passes. Then another. Then a C. It has now been 15 minutes. An announcement comes on- “F trains are being held at *so and so* street. You can take a Brooklyn bound A train to Hoyt St. and transfer to the G. I look back up at the board to see that the next A train will not arrive for 6 minutes. I begin to worry– I don’t like being late to work; especially because of things out of my control. Luckily an F train FINALLY pulls up at 3:55, (gotta love me some 20 minute delays), and I headed off to work.

I finally make it to Carroll St., and walk out of the train station to feel a few raindrops beginning to fall. I hurry to work, not wanting to get rained on, and begin setting up for the day. As the hour of prep rolls on, a storm really comes in with a vengeance. I mean it started off with a calm rain, but then it started down pouring. I check the books to find we only have 12 on the books today- one being a 4 top with our sommelier and a few of her colleagues. She arrives early, a bit wet from the rain, and hangs out at our bar to drink a glass or two of wine before the rest of her party arrives. At this point it’s pretty dead in the restaurant, with only a table or two floating in. Finally her party arrives, and they all begin to eat, drink, and be merry. And when I say eat, drink, and be merry, I mean they were there for four hours, and put down 10+ glasses of wine and beer, and ate plenty of food. They were really great people though, and I was happy to serve them. As they enjoyed each other’s company, with me popping in every once and awhile, pushing some more wine, I talked with the other tables to floated in and out. We actually began getting quite a few walk in’s by the end of the night, finishing with 30 on the books, which is definitely not bad.

The thing that warmed my heart about the night was that two tables tipped very well. Now we are a cashless restaurant, meaning that everyone must pay by card, but sometimes people leave cash tips and I let it slide, since that money is going directly to us and no one else has to deal with it. First up was our sommelier’s table, with the gentleman who paid leaving a $70 tip. Like damn thank you so much my guy! Seriously I never carry cash, so I am always happy to get a little bit of it. Then, not even 30 minutes later, another table who only had a $63 bill left a $20 tip. Like what?? Normally I’m used to people leaving 18-20%, but this was a very welcome, very appreciated surprise. I set the cash aside, to let the manager figure out how to divvy up the money between me and my server assistant, and we began closing up for the night. We finished up by 10:20 and the manager handed me and the server assistant our cuts of the cash tips. As I pocketed my $60 share, I headed home, ready to get back and relax for the evening, happy to have some extra cash on me.

As I rode the subway back, there was this one woman who was with either friends or family, and kept obnoxiously belting at what seemed to be the top of her lunges, right in the face of her company. Now I had noise-cancelling headphones in and I could still hear this face. There woman sitting right next to where she was standing and “singing”, and this woman looked very unhappy. I’m worried that poor lady lost some of her ability to hear after that shit. Anyway, I finally made it back home, heated up some leftovers from family meal– chicken with rice and veggies, and played some League with my twin before spending the rest of the night catching up on videos… mostly me catching up on Shane Dawson’s latest video in his docu-series. I am obsessed to say the least. I still haven’t started the 10 day musical theater challenge thing on Facebook, so maybe I’ll start it tomorrow. It’s now 5AM, so I should probably get some sleep. Tomorrow I have the day off, so who knows what I’m gonna do.

Until next time,


Do All The Good You Can

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