A Relaxing Day with some Late Night Grocery Shopping (10/10/18)

Today was a relaxing day, just as yesterday, and as I finally rose from my bed at 2PM, I aimed to order some food for lunch, since I don’t have too much food. I opened up the Pick&Eat app to order some food, deciding to get a pizza. I went with the “Design Your Own Pizza” option, and on top of the base marina sauce and cheese, I added on onions, peppers, and pineapple. (I figured I might as well try something new, and I like pineapple, so why not throw some on the pizza) However, as I put in my credit card to order my food, my card was declined. Confused, I tried once more. I already paid off my credit card from last month, so why wouldn’t my card go through? After two or three attempts, I frustratedly called up Chase Bank to see what was going on. It has been over a week, and I’ve had my card declined twice– once when I attempted to buy my monthly Subway pass, and once when I went to buy some food at a restaurant.

Now, having no idea why this is going on, I angrily call up the bank– all I want is some food. It is now 3:30 as I deal with the employee on the phone. I end up getting into a phone call with my two banks, Chase and PNC, as PNC confirms that they payment went through a week ago, which Chase denied had gone through. As the PNC employee hangs up, the Chase employee tells me that they have now approved the transaction and I was good to go immediately. As I hang up, I go back on the app and work to put my order back in. Thank god this time it goes through and I’m able to buy some food. Since I had taken a shower when I got up, I waited a few minutes for the food to be ready, and I headed over to the restaurant to pick up the pizza. As I pick-up the pizza, I look around to see how gorgeous a day it actually is. I make my way home, and wish I was making more of the day, instead of just going home and doing nothing.

I head inside and began eating some food, I opened up League to just grind out some games for the day. As I ate the pizza, I must say that the pineapple was not the best choice. It just did not work very well with the pizza– not a fan. I begin playing games for a few hours, and the day passes. As the time reaches 7:40PM, I really begin to debate what I want to do with the end of the evening. I end up deciding to head to Trader Joe’s to pick up some groceries for dinner. I hop on the subway and make my way to 59th street, and transfer to the 1 train, where I head off once more, getting off at 70th street. I exit the Subway and head across the street, entering the Trader Joe’s with a list of four items in mind– I need some meatballs for the pasta I figured I’d make tonight, some more chicken since I just ran out, some rice, since I’m out of that too, and a few apples. I end up spending about 20-30 minutes walking around, finding all the items I needed, along with some chips, dried bananas, yogurt pretzels, and a different type of sauce for the pasta- I figured I’d try something new! I get in line, which is insanely long, and wait 30 minutes before finally making it to the register. As the man scans my items, he warns me that the yogurt pretzels are addicting, which I acknowledge since I bought them BECAUSE I’m addicted to them. Seriously, they’re delicious.

I pay for the groceries and begin to make my way back home. On the Subway back, I find a seat and quickly sit down, just as an older couple walks onto the train. The woman looks around for a seat, but the train was packed, and stands with her husband. After a moment, I immediately get up and offer her my seat, and she happily takes it. I have my headphones in, but her husband attempts to make a remark or two that I cannot hear. Smiling, I jam out to Company as I make my way home. Also really side note, there’s something going around on Facebook where you do 10 Days of Musicals that made you fall in love with Musical Theater. I figured I’d do it, because why not, so I’ll mention them on this blog when I begin and use the picture I use on Facebook as the featured image of the blog, so look forward to that!

I finally arrive home, where I finally sit back in my chair to play 2.5 hours of League with my sister. Once the final game ends and the clock strikes 11:30PM, I head into the kitchen and begin preparing my dinner– What can I say, I eat late. After a good 30 minutes, the food has been prepared. Some pasta with the new sauce I bought, with meatballs and cut up tomatoes. I even sprinkled some cheese on top for a finishing touch. Honestly a really tasty dinner! I set about half of what I made aside for tomorrow’s dinner, and I went back in my room to watch Youtube videos for the rest of the night. Tomorrow is a new day and I’ll be back at work, so I should probably get some sleep. It’s 3:09 already, so I’m gonna get ready for bed and pass out.

Until next time,


Never Get Tired of Being Kind

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