A Day Off With an Emotional Movie (10/9/18)

Last night I told myself I was going to get up by noon and do something with my day. Unfortunately for past me, today’s me decided that wasn’t going to fly, and I ended up staying in bed until 3PM. Finally deciding to stop being a lazy piece of shit, I debated what I wanted to do today. I looked up movie times to find that A Star Is Born was playing at my local theater at 4:20. It was playing at other theaters at later times, but I figured I should get up anyway, so I bought my ticket and got up, prepping to leave. I ended up brushing my teeth and getting dressed, and spent the next 30 minutes or so tidying up my room– putting dirty clothes away and taking out my trash. Simple and easy tasks that I have been putting off for far too long now.

I left my apartment at 3:35 and headed to Subway to pick up some food to take with me to the theater. I mean you’re not SUPPOSED to take outside food into the theater, but I’m not spending $20 on only okay popcorn and a drink. I bought a 6 inch sub and made it a combo with two cookies and a gatorade, (which I was happily surprised to find it only cost me $8.50), and was on my way to the subway station. I hopped on the A train and took it to 125th street, where I headed into the movie theater lobby, picked up my ticket, and headed to Theater 2 to sit down. When I got inside, I looked around to find that there was almost no one in the theater, which is fine by me. As the movie was getting closer to starting, a few more people filtered in, including three women who would loudly talk during the trailers and some parts of the movie, which is always really fucking annoying, but it is what it is.

Finally A Star Is Born began. Now I wasn’t sure what to expect from this movie. It looked kind of interesting I guess, and the reviews were very good, but it’s just not really my type of movie. Still, I figured I would give it a chance, and it definitely didn’t disappoint. Now I will be mentioning spoilers, so be warned. I recommend watching the movie before reading further, because I think it is worth your time. It’s very well done. Now then, I felt like the first half of the movie was just kind of the setup, where Lady Gaga’s character gets into a relationship with Bradley Cooper’s character, and becomes very well renowned. It was fine and heartwarming at points, but I kept wondering when things were going to go wrong. And that’s when the second half of the movie began. Bradley Cooper’s character had been dealing with drug abuse and alcoholism throughout the movie, and it finally began catching up with him, leading to him pissing himself in front of hundreds of people at the Grammy’s, where his now wife was accepting her first Grammy. After that incident, he went to rehab, partly to fix his ear which was fucked and partly to deal with his addiction. It was such a harsh change of pace, and it worked so incredibly well. Bradley Cooper did such an excellent job portraying an alcoholic, with no moments in the movie where I didn’t believe that he was acting. It was so real and heartbreaking, watching a man struggle with addiction and work to quit, only to fall back on it when times became hard.

This all lead to the climactic confrontation between Ally’s (Lady Gaga’s character) manager and Jackson Maine (Bradley Cooper’s character), where the manager tells Jack the negative impact that incident at the Grammy’s had on Ally’s career, and that he knows Jack will fall back on liquor, and he will not let Ally be there when it happens. Ally then tells Jack that she is cancelling her Europe tour because they want her to work on her next album, when in reality she stopped the tour because Jack couldn’t join her. She asked him to come to her final show that night and sing with her, and Jack tells her he will meet her there; asking her to turn around so he could see her one more time. Jack then proceeds to get hopped up on pills and hangs himself, because he does not want to be the reason Ally’s career fails. This is such a heartbreaking and emotional ending, which nearly brought me to tears (actually a tear or two rolled down my face), as Ally sings Jack’s love song he wrote for her before he died, to a crowd of people at a concert in memory of him. Finally the screen goes black and the credits roll.

Now I have to say my favorite part of the movie was the score. The music sung by Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga is fantastic and such a joy to watch and listen to, as their voices dance along with one another in perfect harmony. Now this movie may not be up everyone’s alley, but I definitely recommend everyone watch it, because the message is so powerful, even if it does not end on a happy note. As I left the theater, feeling emotionally drained after what I just watched, I headed back home for the evening to relax. When I got home, I played a few games of League with my sister before making some dinner for myself, before continuing to play a few more games. I stayed up very late tonight to catch the beginnings of Worlds, which is League’s professional tournament that happens once a year, with all of the top teams in each region competing for first. Of course NA lost the first match, which started at 4AM, and now it’s 5:30 and I am just tired. Tomorrow is a new day, full of new and exciting experiences. Whatever happens, you’ll all know when I do.

Until next time,


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