The New Member Orientation (10/8/18)

Today was finally the big day– It was finally the day of the TAP NYC New Member Orientation. I’ve been looking forward to this since I got the email telling me I was accepted two weeks ago, and here we are! I told myself I was going to wake up early, take a shower, and get there with plenty of time to spare. I’d give myself enough time to look good, and maybe even grab some food before the meeting. That’s what I told myself. Of course my decisions the night before and when I wake up are almost always at odds with one another. I woke up today at 11AM, only to roll out of bed closer to 1:10PM, and, realizing I needed to leave in a good 30 minutes or less, I quickly hopped in the shower. After attempting to speedily take a shower, as I stepped out, I reached up and grabbed the bar holding the shower curtain to steady myself, only for it to come loose. Now I didn’t fall, but it did take me a good 5 or so minutes to put it back up and secure the rod properly, which is quite the pain when you’re in a hurry and just finished showering. I quickly dried off, brushed my teeth, and did my darndest to dry my hair using the fan in my room. I finally was ready to go, closer to 1:55 at this point, and I put on my grey jeans, a light blue button-up, and headed out. Now it take a good 30 minutes to get to the studio, but of course, because I left so late, the next train I was able to catch was at 2:15. Mind you, the meeting begins at 2:30. I make it to 59th street by 2:25, transfer to the C, and get off at 50th street, and attempt to make it to the studio as fast as I could without seeming like a total maniac.

I make it to the room at 2:43 and walk in to find the woman who I auditioned for, sitting across from 3 other people from my audition group. Now from the auditions, there were a few people that I expected to get in, and maybe they did and refused, or maybe they came on a different day? I have no idea. But I was just so surprised to see so few people there. Is this place that selective? Talk about crazy. I mean don’t get me wrong, I am beyond grateful to have been accepted and I can’t wait to start rehearsing, but I was definitely expecting to see more than 3 others in the room. (Aka the girl I sat next to at the audition was pretty cute and I was hoping to see her, but the only people who were in there were the two older women from the audition and one of the guys, who happens to be from Maryland like me)

I am handed a packet and we begin going over it for a good hour, just talking about the basic guidelines of what TAP NYC is, what they offer, and what is expected of us during the rehearsal process. We need to come to two rehearsals each month for three months starting November, and then the showcase will be late January or early February. After the first rehearsal, you need to be completely memorized by the next rehearsal, since you are given two weeks to rehearse. If you are not memorized, you will be kicked out, possibly from TAP NYC as a whole, with no refund. Now this seems incredibly harsh, and it is, but it makes complete sense. The woman said that every rehearsal is like an audition, as you are networking and showing off your skills to the other actors, and being fully memorized means you will actually be able to get feedback from the Director, instead of them just saying “learn your lines”. There is also a policy in place where they leave the doors open for 5 minutes after rehearsal begins, and then they close it. If it’s closed, you are not allowed to come in, and will have to make up the rehearsal; this means that I will need to actually focus harder then ever on making sure that I am always early, not late like I usually am to most things.

Finally we finish and leave. As we’re leaving, I realize that there are people outside, which made me realize that after our meeting, the woman was having more people come in to audition for TAP NYC (I assume), which is so crazy because I was one of those people literally 2 weeks ago, and now here I am- I new member! God I’m so excited, sorry. Anyway, we all begin to leave, and I end up walking with the other guy (I have no idea what his name is) for about a block. After chatting for a bit, we reach an intersection, and noticing he is going a different way than I am, I say goodbye and head off to get some lunch.

I end up going to Bareburger, which is the same restaurant I went to after my audition to get some much needed lunch. I got a burger and fries, and relaxed for a bit, watching the fifth episode of Shane Dawson’s docu-series on Jake Paul. What can I say, I’m hooked. I finally finish and pay, first attempting to use my credit card, which is declined for seemingly no reason, and then using my debit card. I hop back on the A train and head back home, stopping by the Right Aid by my apartment to pick up some snacks before heading back. This time I used my credit card again and this time it worked, so who knows at this point. I also wanted to mention that while I was walking down the street, I saw a woman squat down, ass right out in the open, and begin pissing on the sidewalk. Now I have been in and out of New York for a while now, and have been living here for over two months, and this is the first time that I have ever seen someone do that type of shit. I wasn’t sure if I had just been baptized into New York or what, but what I do know was that I very quickly avoided eye contact with the scene, and walked around the woman, before entering the Right Aid.

Anyway, after buying my snacks (Chips Deluxe Rainbow M&M Cookies and Lays Potato Chips), I headed back home, attempting to avoid the area where the woman pissed. I made it back inside and finished the Shane Dawson video, before hopping on League and playing for the rest of the day. I opened the bag of cookies and, I’ll be honest with you, finished the bag (14 cookies in total) within probably 3-4 hours. I have a problem, I know. Tomorrow I have no idea what my plan is– maybe I’ll walk a dog, or probably go see a movie. I really want to hang out with my friends sometime in the near future, so maybe I can make that happen. Exciting things are beginning to happen, and I cannot wait for what’s in store for me next.

Until next time,


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