A Busy Day of Work, An Unfortunate Conclusion of Events, and a Relaxing Night With an Amazing Show (10/6/18)

The day began with me, surprisingly not exhausted, getting up and preparing for work. I rolled out of bed after checking my social media, put on some morning Broadway jams on Spotify, and hopped in the shower, hoping that today would go by smoothly. I dried off, got dressed, and heading off to work, catching the 8:50 A towards Brooklyn. I attempted to fall asleep on the train, but unfortunately by body decided it wasn’t a good idea, and so I just listened to some music and played a game on my phone, while I waited for my stop. I finally arrived at Emma’s Torch at 9:45, and quickly headed over to the Deli next store to grab some breakfast. I always get a BLT with mayo– simple, good, easy and cheap. Now up to this point, which is last week, I’ve been spending $3.00 for the sandwich. I come in today, and I pay $3.50. Like damn man, why you gotta raise the price on me, huh? That’s fucked up… The day was not beginning how I would’ve liked; I found out via Twitter this morning that Kavanaugh was almost definitely getting approved, I didn’t sleep on the train, and now I’m spending more money on a breakfast sandwich. AND my credit card wouldn’t work when I renewed my MTA monthly pass, so I had to drop even more money in my very broke bank account. But still, I kept moving forward, trying to stay positive (somehow).

I headed back to Emma’s Torch and ate my sandwich, before beginning to prep for the shift. Today’s Brunch had 30 on the books, which is definitely nice and busy. During our pre-shift, we decide to have the manager making drinks, the server assistant greeting and seating guests, and I deal with the tables. I’ve had this conversation before with the sommelier, who suggested this setup, since Sunday Brunch always feels so hectic. And it practice, it worked beautifully. Even though most of the customers came in within the first hour and a half, it never felt busy. And don’t get me wrong, we became very full very fast once we opened, but it was still a really good Brunch! It was nice being able to talk to customers and not really stress about running everywhere and making drinks. Everyone seemed really pleased with their meals and there were no major problems, and I came out of it feeling really good.

And as most Brunch’s go, as fast as everyone came in, they all cleared out just as fast. Soon enough we were left with an hour to go and two tables left in the restaurant. I put in the tips for the day, and once everyone had left, finished cleaning up whatever I needed to for the next shift, before finally clocking out. Family meal was set out and at last I relaxed, sat down, and ate some food. Today we had chicken wings, which were broiled I think? Not sure. It wasn’t the best chicken we’ve had, but the rice was phenomenal. It had corn, cucumbers, and tomatoes mixed in. Since there was plenty left over, I took out my Tupperware and filled it to the brim, before heading out for the day. I caught the train home, and fell asleep. I woke up a few stops before mine, and just relaxed for the first time today– I’ve been running around so much today, it was definitely nice to take a breather and relax.

I finally got back into my room, sat down, and melted into my chair. It’s been such a whirlwind of a day, with work being really busy but really successful, all the while Kavanaugh actually makes it through and becomes the next Supreme Court Justice. Great. This partisan (potentially sexual assaulting) prick will be making some of the biggest and most important decisions in our nation until he dies. Fan-fucking-tastic. I spent the rest of the night just playing League, which is super common for me at this point, but playing it was my sister is always a great time. I planned on making some actual dinner, and saving most of the rice for another day, but by 8 o’clock, the rice was gone and I was full enough for the night. Maybe I could’ve made some real food, but who really cares at this point. I’m full and I’m happy.

As the night came to a close, I decided to begin watching season 2 of Big Mouth on Netflix. Such an amazing, though extremely awkward, show to watch, and since the second season finally got released, I needed to dive in before I got some sleep. So far I believe I’ve watch 4 episodes and already it’s hitting me where it hurts. It began talking about the friend zone as if it were a bar, and showed one area called “The Grey Area”, where people over analyze texts. Honestly just @ me next time, because that is all I ever do. I can’t wait to keep watching it, but for now I really need to get some sleep. I’ve got another early day tomorrow, and I want some sleep so I won’t pass out halfway through the shift. Monday is drawing near and won’t that be a story to tell I hope. But I guess you’ll just have to wait and read about it!

Until next time,



* I did want to make a note here, that although Kavanaugh has sworn in, it should only empower you more to go out and vote in November. We cannot continue to let scum rule this country. If we don’t stand up and make a change, no one will. Go out and register to vote NOW. The future of this country is in our hands. We CAN make a difference. I believe in the American people, even if I don’t believe in the American government as it stands now.

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