A Day Off With Some Tacos and Nothing to Do (10/4/18)

Today I woke up at 8AM, ready to receive a phone call from my temp agency, giving me some work for the day. Unfortunately as the hours passed, I received no such phone call, and so I ended up passing back out around 10 or 11AM, waking up around 1:30. I then got a call from the person that I work with from the agency, asking if I was free next Wednesday and Thursday for a job. I told her that I hadn’t received my schedule yet, but when I did I would email her ASAP. She told me that the slots would be filled up by then, and then hung up. Guess I’m not on the best terms with them, but I am working full time as a server, and that job comes first, so what can ya do? I relaxed in bed for a good two more hours, before finally deciding it was time to get up and start the day… at 3PM. I saw mentioned throughout Twitter that today is National Taco Day, which means of course I had to go down to my local Taco Bell, and pick me up some tacos. Aka– I was too lazy to make food for lunch, so I bought some food instead. But honestly, it was worth it. Tacos are delicious, and I am always down for an excuse to eat some.

I wish I had more to report with the day, I really do. I got back home with my tacos, called my dad to just check in with him, (he just wanted to see how I was doing. What a great father <3), ate my tacos, and played League all day. I went on a massive losing streak, and am still on it, sadly, but after losing quite a few games in a row, I stopped and decided to bake the final two frozen chicken breasts I had from Trader Joes. It took about an hour and a half to prep and cook them, but in the end it was worth it. Some good chicken with some solid seasoning and green beans to go with it. Again, I wish I could say I did more with my day. I’m planning on being busy tomorrow, whether or not the temp agency calls me and gives me work. Maybe I’ll clean the apartment, or walk some dogs, or go see a movie. Either way, I don’t like doing nothing all day. One it’s not interesting, and two it’s just so boring.

I feel like I’m trying to wait it out for Monday, when I have my new member orientation with TAP NYC. That should be a ton of fun. Hopefully you all are having a great week so far though. Time’s seem pretty damn grim, with the whole Kavanaugh hearings, and now it’s come out that the FBI Investigation found nothing– most likely because they didn’t interview Dr. Ford or any of the witnesses she listed, meaning it was all a sham by the Republicans to force Kavanaugh through. Talk about depressing times. All I can say is PLEASE go out and vote in November. It’s the only way we can work to begin fixing anything in this country. Every vote matters.

Until next time,


Dr. Ford- Time Magazine

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