A Relaxed Day at Work, and a Long, Long, Train Ride Home (10/3/18)

Today began as all work days do. I slowly rose at 11AM, relaxed in bed for far too long, and then rushed to take a shower before running out the door. I managed to catch the 2:50 train, and was prepared to have to rush from the train station to work, but was pleasantly surprised to arrive with a good 15 minutes to spare! Unfortunately this seemed to be a foreboding omen for later in the day, but that’s for later on in the story. I arrived and began prepping for the day, filling up water, sweeping, mopping, wiping down windows. All around a very normal pre-shift. When the other server and I finally finished, and I was able to sit down and actually eat something, we talked with our manager about what was going on for the evening. We had very few tables on the books, with a 6 top coming in at 5:30, a 4 top (which became a 5 top) at 6:45, and then a 2 top at 7:15. I handled the 6 top, who were a bunch of lovely Brits, who were very kind and seemed to enjoy all of the food immensely. It made me realize once more just how much I love British people, and how I would love to move to England, except for the fact that I want to be an actor, and have already begun creating connections in the US. But who knows– hopefully someday soon I’ll be able to travel around the world for tours and films I’m in. That’s my hope, anyway. For the rest of the evening it was pretty slow at Emma’s Torch. We had a few walk in’s, but ended up closing a good 45 minutes early because everyone had left. We cleaned up, did the closing duties, and headed out.

All in all a very slow and uninteresting day…. and then I got on the train. Now the F was completely fine. I got on the train at 10:12, arrived at Jay Street, and transferred to the A. And at first everything seemed to be going fine– the train was running smoothly, and there were no issues. And then we arrived at 50th street. Now this was an express train, so I didn’t think we were supposed to stop at 50th street, but it’s whatever. I didn’t think much of it; trains stop all the time! It’s no biggie. I’ll just listen to my music and play a game on my phone until we begin to move. Then 10 minutes pass. This is strange, why haven’t we moved? An announcement comes on– I can’t make out what he says, but the man says they are sorry for the inconvenience, and hopefully we will be moving soon. Then 20 minutes pass. Then 30 minutes. I left Emma’s Torch and got on the train at 10:12. I got onto the A train at around 10:23 or so. I was stuck at 50th street until 11:33 until the train finally began moving again. By the end of it, I began watching Shane Dawson’s latest video on his documentary of Jake Paul.

But finally the train began moving again and I thought all was well. And then the announcer comes on again. “We will be making local stops until 125th street”. This train says, “Express” and we’re taking local stops? Does the Universe hate me or something? I don’t quite understand. I was worried we would make local stops all the way up to my stop, but thank goodness once we hit 125th the train started running Express again. Honestly if it ran local my phone was going to die, because by the time I finally arrived home and plugged in my phone, I was sitting at 1 or 2%. But I made it home and that’s what matters– tired and peeved that transit fucked me over, as per usual, but glad to be home. I began laundry that I desperately needed to do, and while my clothes were in the washer, I heated up some leftover pasta and finished the Shane Dawson video. Definitely the best video of his series thus far, in my opinion. I ate my food, took my clothes out of the washer and put them into the dryer, and have been waiting for them to finish up. While I’ve been typing this blog, my timer went off, so I need to head out and grab them, and then I really need to go to sleep. It’s already 2AM, and I’m waking up at 8AM, since I have been double confirmed to work for my temp agency tomorrow, and I really need sleep. Who knows what might happen though.

Until next time,


Good Attitude

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