A Day of Wine Tasting and The Quest for Hair Putty (10/2/18)

Today began with my slow rise from slumber, as I woke up for the day. I managed to wake up around 11AM, and hopped in the shower, ready for some wine tasting. I still managed to waste enough time to just catch the 1:45 A train heading downtown; meaning I only had an hour to get to Emma’s Torch. I was incredibly pleasantly surprised by the fact that it only took me 45 minutes to get there, so I had a few minutes to relax before the winemaker arrived. There were only a few of us from the restaurant tasting wine today, but I was really excited. I don’t know much about wine, but I’m always excited to be given the chance to learn more.

When the wine maker arrived with an associate from the US, I found out that he is from (and lives) in Austria, and has been working with his brother and cousin on the family vineyard for 10 years now. He handles more of the exporting of the wines, while his brother and cousin work more closely in the growing and creating of the wines. He brought with him four of his family’s wines- two whites, a rosé, and a red. After having a brief conversation about the vineyard and the location of the vineyard within Austria, we began to taste each wine. I worked hard to make it seem like I wasn’t a total newbie at tasting wine, as I swirled the wine around in the glass, taking careful watch on what everyone else did, and kept swirling, smelling, and taking in the wine until someone else took a sip first. It’s incredible to me the amount of distinctions you get for each type of wines. Like the whites were two years apart in age, (2017 and 2015), but the flavors were vastly different. The 2017 white cut right through your pallet. It was light, fruity, and lit up your cheeks, with a sensation almost as you had tasted lemon. The 2015 was less sharp, the color was darker, and the smell was different. Honestly it kind of reminded me of vaseline or oil or something almost metallic with its smell. The taste wasn’t too terrible, but I was sure I couldn’t have more than a glass of it. The rosé had some sharp notes as well, just like the 2017 white, but it was more full bodied. Honestly it was a bit sharp for my liking, and although it didn’t taste bad, I’m not sure if I would order it if I noticed it on the wine menu. It felt almost too sugary for my liking, the way it coated your tongue with its flavors. Finally we tried the red wine, which was more relaxed than the other three’s flavors. It felt heavier, but didn’t fill you up as other reds do. The flavors danced and sang on the tongue (our sommelier’s words, not mine), and was very nice to sip.

All in all, it was definitely a very interesting experience, and I was glad I went. It’s really great to be able to meet the person who makes the wines, and learn more about the vineyard and what makes their wines and grapes special or unique. Finally we said our goodbyes left the restaurant. Honestly thank goodness I wasn’t working, because although I didn’t get drunk, I still didn’t want to work after drinking wine. I hopped on the train and headed to Penn Station, hoping to find some hair product, since I had run out. Now I have very thick hair, that grows very very quickly. I haven’t gotten it cut since the end of July and boy is it getting a tad long. It’s hard to tell since I keep my hair up and out of my face all day, but my bangs have passed my nose at the longest points. (My hair doesn’t really get longer in the back, more the front) Now my hair is very straight, and VERY uncooperative, so no matter how I try to style it, it will at some point begin to fall back in my face. I’ve been using Axe’s “Spiked Up Look- Styling Putty”, and it seems to do an okay job. Unfortunately I ran out today and I will not go to work with hair in my face. It looks unprofessional and I just don’t like how I look with it that way.

When I arrived at Penn, I grabbed some quick food from Pret a Manger, (I hadn’t eaten all day), and headed off in search of the hair gel. I figured it would be a quick and easy find, but holy fuck was I wrong. I ended up looking in two Duane Reade’s/ Walgreens, Target and Macy’s, finding nothing. Before the search, I stopped by a Whole Foods to pick up some frozen veggies, cheese, and garlic powder, (which cost me $20 by the way, not pleased at all), thinking that this trip would take no more than 20 minutes. After probably around an hour of walking around, with the frozen food quickly defrosting in the bag, I remembered I bought the hair gel from 59th street last time around, and so I hopped on the train, frustrated and tired. I arrived at 59th street and ended up popping into the CVS, which is where I realized I had bought the hair gel last time. Without a card, it was $13! Honestly God was not with me and my wallet today.

I messaged a friend during the trip to see if she wanted to grab drinks, but she is very busy, and unfortunately declined. This meant that had nothing else to do but head back home for the evening. I played some League, lost as per usual, and made some pasta, mixed in with mixed veggies, meatballs, and cheese, before playing a bit more League with my sister before ending the night with one final game, losing, and lamenting the fact that I waste so much time on this game, and become so frustrated by teammates. Honestly today started off great, but I’m still bummed at the end of the night. Honestly, this may sound weird but I keep feeling like something big is about to happen to me, and I am just waiting for it to happen. I felt it yesterday, and I felt it today. I have no idea why I felt that sensation, and I can’t tell if something does happen, whether it will be good or bad, and that gives me anxiety. I’m already stressing about money this month, because I keep spending money on eating out, but the cost of membership for TAP NYC really drained me for the month.

I don’t know, I just feel stressed at the moment because I really want something to happen, and I’m excited for whatever is in store for me in the future, but the waiting around sucks. I feel like I’m in one of those games, where you can click to skip forward a few days, weeks, or months, to continue on with the plot. I’m waiting for message to pop up, saying “2 Weeks Pass”, and then the story continues. I want something to happen, and I know it will, I just have to keep moving forward, but I just want it to happen now. I want my life to be exciting and incredible. I know it will be. And that may sound cocky and arrogant, and maybe it is, but I want to become successful. I am pursuing my dream and I am not stopping now. I am going to keep running, and keep climbing, and I will make my dreams a reality. But for now, I will just keep on living day by day, waiting for the next event to begin.

Until next time,


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