A Late Start to a Day Off with a Great Movie (10/1/18)

Before anything– Happy October! This month is the month of my birthday, so be prepped to get real spoopy here… Not really I actually really don’t like horror movies. Gives me anxiety. Anyway, today began very late for me. I ended up passing out around 5AM last night, which meant I slept in until about 12:30, but didn’t move until 3PM or so. I finally decided I was wasting the day away, and got up, unsure of what my plans were for today. I started off by brushing my teeth, getting dressed, and heading down to the local Subway to grab a sandwich. Now I really need to cut back on buying food and make more things, but I have to go out and buy some sauce and veggies, so today I allowed myself to grab some food and procrastinate grocery shopping a bit longer.

Once I got back, I played a game or two of League and lost of course, getting quite a bit tilted. After another loss, I debated continuing playing, but chose instead to go see a movie. I saw that there was a 6:15 showing of Crazy Rich Asians playing at a movie theater close by, so I bought a ticket and hopped on the train. I got to the theater with a good 15 minutes to spare before the movie started, so I bought my ticket and headed inside. When I sat down, I looked around to find that there was only one person in the theater besides myself; three or four other people showed up before the movie began, but still it was pretty damn empty. I get it though– the movie’s been out for a bit and it’s a Monday evening; not many people are gonna be out seeing a movie.

And so Crazy Rich Asians began. Now I heard that it was a really good movie, and the amount of representation was fantastic, but holy moly it was still incredible to watch. I mean the story itself was just so well told, and I really fell for the characters. There wasn’t a point in the movie where I was like– Oh wow these are Asian people. I don’t get this story because I am white. I was so immersed in the plot. I cared about the main characters, and really wanted the female lead to marry the male lead. It made me wish that I could have that kind of love; to really have someone in my life to care about that much. Now to be fair, I am a hopeless romantic at my core, so even though I don’t really go after romantic movies, this was so well done that I just allowed myself to get emotional, and fall in love with each of the characters. The film locations and outfits were all so elegant and fantastic as well. I mean holy moly is Singapore a gorgeous place. Like this movie really made me wish I had those types of relationships, where we all just go out together and eat tons of food, with my best friend and our significant other. Now don’t get me wrong, I do have really close friends, but we’re all over the states and the world at this point, so it’s harder to imagine that happening at the moment.

My favorite part of the movie was when they were at the best friend’s wedding, and Can’t Help Falling In Love was being sung. It was so beautiful and full of emotion, added on to the fact that I love that song so much. But whenever I listen to it I get sad because I wish I could share that love with someone. It’s hard being single– seeing your friends find people and be happy with another person in their lives. And I know I’m going to find someone and the wait will absolutely be worth it, but waiting fucking sucks, you know? I really believe in true love, and I know that girl is out in the world somewhere, thinking the same things that I’m thinking right now. And someday we’re just going to run into each other and everything is going to click and I will feel so content and happy. Now I do believe in Daniel Sloss’s theory when I comes to a jigsaw puzzle; where some people are missing the center of their puzzle, so they attempt to force in a piece that doesn’t fit, and then change everything around that piece so it will fit. But when you step back and look at the picture, it’s something so incredibly different because you have totally who you are, and that’s not okay. And don’t get me wrong, I am happy being alone. I am content. But I do wish that I had someone. Being lonely sucks, and I have dealt with it for god knows how long.

Sorry to get a bit depressing in this blog, because I have to say that Crazy Rich Asians is a fantastic and incredible movie. If you’re able to see it before it leaves theaters and you haven’t already, please go. It is so wonderful to watch such a different feel of a movie– you get to experience a different culture, and different actors and actresses, who accurately represent the story. It’s beautiful. When the movie finally ended, I headed back back onto the train, made it back safe and sound, and ate my sandwich; enjoying the rest of my night. Now to be fair I’ve been playing some more League and I lost every single game, which can get aggravating, but it is what it is. Tomorrow is a new day, and I have to be up at a reasonable hour, so I can head to Emma’s Torch for a wine tasting. Should be a ton of fun! Goodnight for now everyone.

Until next time,


Desire Happiness

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