Finishing Out The Weekend and Finally Relaxing with Some Graham Beck (9/30/18)

Today began like yesterday– I woke up at around 7:30AM, and finally moved around 8AM, hopped in the shower, and got ready for work. Unlike yesterday, however, the only train that I could catch to make it to work on time was at 8:46, so I was not able to grab some food at Dunkin like yesterday. As I headed towards Brooklyn, I relaxed and played a game on my phone to pass the time. The train-ride was surprisingly quick, and I was happy to make it to Emma’s Torch at around 9:40 or so. I headed next store to the Deli, grabbed a BLT sandwich and headed back to the restaurant, eating the food before prepping for Brunch. I was happily surprised to see our sommelier was already there, eating some breakfast as well. The other server arrived, and we prepped for Brunch.

And so Brunch began. We had a family who had come in multiple times before come in once more, who has an insanely cute baby. He’s just a tubby little munchkin, and damn did he seem to just be enjoying his life. Now it was not the craziest Brunch we’ve had– it was definitely busy, but honestly it didn’t feel as busy as yesterday. The most annoying part of the day was the fact that we had a four top walk in, and then mentioned when they began to show up that they actually had six people, not four. Now we are a small restaurant, and we were decently full at the time, so having a six top come in without calling beforehand can really screw things up. Now they weren’t a terrible group, one of the women had a baby and ended up breast feeding in the restaurant, (which I don’t care about, but it just felt awkward when I looked over at the table. The main issue I had was at the very end the day, when they paid for their meal. Now I always tip 20%– I understand that this is a server’s livelihood, so I don’t want to stiff them on some money. First off, the ladies split up everything item by item, which was super obnoxious when swiping their cards. And then when we were putting in tips, one or two of the ladies left between a 15-18% tip, and one lady just didn’t leave a tip. There are very few things that piss me off, but are you shitting me? How pretentious can you be that you don’t think that you need to leave a tip. We seated you when you just walked in as a six top in a small restaurant, you’re food took a bit of time, obviously because there are six of you, the food was fantastic, because obviously it is, and then you just didn’t leave for a good hour. Like at least leave a decent fucking tip. God damn.

Anyways, Brunch finally ended and we cleaned up the restaurant after the day. We needed to clean the toilet, so the three of us played Rock, Paper, Scissors, to see who will be the unfortunate loser. Lucky for me the other server lost, so I didn’t need to deal with the toilet. I also just want to say how complex of a mind game Rock, Paper, Scissors really is. I mean there’s so much guessing and double guessing of what the other person is going to do. I think it’s a bunch of fun. Finally we finished cleaning up and sat down to eat family meal. We had the house-made fried chicken, as well as some pasta and veggies, which all tasted delicious. I even got to take some of it home for dinner, which was amazing.

Before we left, we divvied up the wine to take back with each of us, and I ended up taking home the Graham Beck, (which is fine for me). I said goodbye to everyone and headed back towards my apartment. I hopped on the G and ended up transferring to the A, and finally made it home around 5:40PM. For the rest of the day, I just played some League, ate the leftovers from family meal, and drank the Graham Beck as I have finally been able to relax after this long weekend. Tomorrow is a new day, and I have no idea what I am going to do, so I hope that I have something exciting to write about, but I guess we’ll have to see.

Until next time,


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