An Explosive Start and A Slow Burn to the Day (8/29/18)

Today began bright and early with me attempting to wake up at 7AM, but unfortunately passing back out and waking up once more at 8AM; giving me about 30-40 minutes to get ready and leave for work. I end up taking about a 10 minute shower, quickly drying off, get ready, and leave my apartment by about 8:35 or so. Since I figured I should probably eat something before work, I quickly head over to the local Dunkin’, grab a sandwich and a donut, and catch the 8:55AM A train, and head to work. Luckily the train ran pretty smoothly today, and I made it to work by about 9:55, and began prepping for the day. We had about 20 reservations on the books, so I wasn’t sure how Brunch was going to be today, but I was ready for anything and everything.

A few minutes later the other server arrived, and we began setting up the dining room. I started by sweeping the floor, and then she got to mopping, as I set up the napkins and silverware and the like. When we were nearing opening, I measured some shots of coffee, and was pouring out a shot when I hear a loud “BANG!” behind me. I quickly turn around as wine glasses crash to the ground, shattering. What had happened is that one of the stoppers on one of our sparkling wines, (or champaign or whatever it was) was faulty, and came off violently, as the pressure in the bottle has been building up. The stopper flew off the bottle, crashing into two wine glasses, which fell towards the floor. That’s one way to really wake you up I guess. We were all rattled, but because we opened in like 15 minutes, we couldn’t ponder what had happened. Our manager cleaned up the broken glass, as we went over the finally preparations for Brunch, and finally we opened.

Now normally Saturday’s are pretty slow, and though it can be steady at times, it stays pretty slow for the most part. Today was not one of those days. Right as we opened, customers swarmed in one after the other, with a few parties of 4 even showing up to eat. Before 11:30 we were completely packed with people, and the restaurant stayed this way until about 1 or 1:30, when everyone cleared up, and the restaurant looked like a ghost town. It was crazy how it went from so busy to so dead in a matter or minutes. Even though it was busy, it was still a very good day, though. Nothing terrible happened, and all of the customers seemed very happy with their meals. As we began winding down, a gentlemen who knew the owner entered, seeing if she was in today. Since she was not, he decided to order some food to go, and we told him to come back and pick it up in 10-15 minutes. Now normally when someone asks for something to go, it’s like one or two things; This guy ordered 6 or 8 items from the menu. The kitchen worked diligently to pack everything up in to-go containers, and I put everything into bags for him, and we waited for him to return. He ended up coming back after a good 30 minutes had passed, paid, thanked us, and left.

We finally closed for Brunch, and set up the dining room for Dinner, before clocking out and relaxing before Family Meal. Honestly, thank goodness I grabbed some food when I did, because in a matter of 5 minutes, basically all of the food was gone, except for a few scraps. Now normally I come back for seconds or even thirds, if there is any left over, but I held back today, since I knew people hadn’t arrived yet and maybe wanted to eat. I felt terrible that not everyone was able to get all the food they wanted, but I guess that’s just how it is in the restaurant business. After eating, I packed up my stuff and headed home for the day. I of course took a nap on the train, which, in all honesty, through me off, because when I woke up I had forgotten I was on the A train, and was worried for a hot second that I had missed my stop to transfer from the D to the A. But of course I hadn’t and I was just going delusional.

I finally got home, took off my shoes, and have been able to relax for the day. I’ve just been playing League for the past few hours and eating some leftovers, as well as some cookies that I bought from the Right-Aid across the street from the restaurant. When I was getting ready for bed, I had been talking to my ex for a bit now, about politics and some arguments we had during our time abroad. She then messaged me saying that she wanted me to read something she had written. My mind immediately thought she was tired of me talking to her, and it was telling me to stop messaging her. Even though we are exes, I told her when she ended things that I still wanted to be friends, and I still completely believe that, and have always been there if she needed anything. I am not going to share our conversation because it is private, but I am glad she reached out. I really do worry about her, and above all else I want her to be okay and be happy. She’s an amazing, talented person, and I truly want her to go far. Now it’s 12:59AM and I gotta be up early tomorrow for work again, so I am going to go and pass out.

Until next time,


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2 thoughts on “An Explosive Start and A Slow Burn to the Day (8/29/18)

  1. Whew I feel you. This city is all about the hustle!


    1. Exactly! But the hustle is what makes it so exciting and fun ❤

      Liked by 1 person

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