An Answer to The Hearing(?) and a Day Back at Work with a Party (9/28/18)

Today began another day of work, which I knew coming in, was going to be a dinner for a Wedding, which is going on tomorrow. I ended up waking up around 10:30AM, and opened Twitter to find that there was a live feed of the Senate Judiciary Committee discussing before voting on Kavanaugh. I ended up watching for a good two hours, jumping in and out of the live feed because of how frustrating it was to listen to some of the bullshit repeated over and over by the Republicans. One of the most important events that happened, however was that one of the Republican Senators, Jeff Flake, who was a swing vote, said in the morning that he was going to vote yes to put Kavanaugh through the the Senate floor. In response to this however, was a video released in which survivors of sexual assault, (which I do want to make an edit to yesterday’s video– Kavanaugh never raped Dr. Ford. He supposedly sexually assaulted her, but she managed to escape without him raping her. I got my facts wrong. I’m human. Sorry), confronted Flake in an elevator, saying that if he allows Kavanaugh through, he is telling them that their voices don’t matter, and what happened to them does not matter. By his reaction, you could tell the statement had a lasting affect. The cause of this came when it was time to vote- Flake had just finished talking with a few Democratic Senators, and said that he was going to vote yes to push Kavanaugh through, if and only if an FBI investigation occurred. It would be limited to one week, and limited in scope to the facts that we have now, but he asked that there would be one, or his vote may be different in when it is pushed to the entire Senate. This was such a turn of events, and even though it’s not the best case scenario, it is definitely good news. I hope that the truth will come out, and if Kavanaugh is convicted and Dr. Ford’s testimony is proven to be true, that the Senate will be swift in his removal from consideration. Personally I do not believe that the way he spoke in yesterday’s hearing showed that of a bi-partisan judge, but in this time and age, as the government sits now, it does not matter. All I hope is that the facts come out.

After the session ended, I needed to head to work. As the committee was discussing, I quickly took a shower and brushed my teeth, and made sure I was ready to go, so when the live feed had concluded, I could quickly finish getting ready and leave. I caught the 2:35 train, since I had to arrive at 3:45, but of course today was a day where the train would stop over and over; not moving for decently long periods of time. I easily lost a good 15-20, maybe even 30 minutes. Of course I was sleeping, so I don’t know the exact amount of time we were not moving, but I do know that I ended up arriving to work about 2 minutes late. Not bad, all things considered, but I try and arrive early, so I wasn’t pleased about that. When I arrived, I was explained the plan of action for the day, and began setting up the restaurant for the party. It was a party of 18 for the dinner, (from 6PM-8PM) and then afterwards more people would show up solely for drinks. Two friends of the bride showed up an hour or so early, to set up flowers and candles for the night. Honestly the arrangement looked gorgeous and the flowers smelled wonderful.

Finally the dinner started and all went smoothly. The guests stood around for 20 minutes or so, drinking some champaign, before finally sitting down to eat. The dinner lasted until just past 8PM, with plenty of people having multiple drinks, and everyone seemed to enjoy the food. I think my favorite part of the dinner was when we brought out the pasta (everything was given out to each table family style), and when one of the adults told one of the two little girls that they would be sharing the pasta, she began crying, complaining “But I don’t want to share!” Honestly I can relate kid. I love me my food. As the dinner ended the night kicked into high gear when more and more people showed up to drink. Now we were told there were going to be about 15-20 people coming after the dinner to drink- there were a LOT more than that. Probably at the busiest point of the night, our restaurant was packed with around 60 guests, all standing around and drinking. The good news is that although the dinner was already paid for, the drinks were not, so we were constantly ringing in drink after drink. By the end of the night we had completely sold out of the champaign (7 bottles), and our Rioja (4 bottles I believe). We also sold a ton of our tap wine and beer, which was fantastic. It was a great evening, even though it reminded me of being in a packed bar or club, with how many people there were. The night ran longer than we expected, with everyone finally leaving at around 10:15-10:20. As soon as everyone left, we quickly cleaned up the remaining glasses, did the remaining tasks to close up, and finally got out just before 11PM.

When I arrived at the train station, I ended up catching the G, and transferring to the A, since the D wasn’t going to arrive for a good 15-20 minutes, and honestly fuck that. Even though the A ran local, the entire train ride took just about an hour, which is not terrible by any stretch. I got home just past midnight, and pulled out the Tupperware I taken to work with me, that was full of the pasta that we had for family meal today, which had “Love Sauce” on it. It was delicious both times I ate it. I finished the night with some Youtube videos, and now this blog entry. It is 1:07AM and I have to be up at 7AM for my usual Brunch shift. Here’s to a new day tomorrow!

Until next time,


Flake Confronted.jpg

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