The Day of the Brett Kavanaugh Testimony (9/27/18)

Today I allowed myself the entire day to just relax and do nothing. I ended up not moving from my bed until around 2:30 or 3PM, where I finally decided to get up and hop in the shower, and then make some food. However there were two pieces of content that were released today that I needed to pay attention to. The first up is less important, but it is the second video in the documentary series done by Youtuber Shane Dawson, called “The Mind of Jake Paul”. If you don’t pay attention to Youtube at all, then this means nothing, but this series is delving into Jake Paul, and so far it has been suggested that him and other Youtubers are Sociopaths. Now I haven’t watched Shane’s other doc series, but because of how controversial the Paul brothers are. If you are interested at all, I highly recommend it– so far it is incredibly well done, and I can’t wait for the other episodes to be released. Now I watched that video while I was making my food, which ended up being pasta, meatballs, and broccoli, with a basic marinara sauce and shredded cheese, but when I sat down and hopped on Twitter, I realized today was the day of the Kavanaugh hearing.

Now I have been sort of keeping up with what’s been going on up to this point, but since I wasn’t doing anything today, I decided to tune in to the live broadcast. I tuned in right at the end of Dr. Ford’s testimony, which then went on to a 45 minute recess, (which was when I decided to get food and watch the Shane Dawson video), but when I tuned back in, they were in the middle of Kavanaugh’s testimony. I missed the opening statement, but when I tuned in, things seemed to get incredibly tense, and it escalated so quickly. From what I read afterwards, Ford was incredibly cool, calm, and collected as she provided chilling details to the night she was raped by Kavanaugh. Though the woman questioning her for the Republican senators seemed to attempt to discredit her, Ford did an emasculate job being honest and true, and proving without a shadow of a doubt that she truly believed Kavanaugh raped her. And I am going to go on the record and believe her over what I heard from Kavanaugh today. To be fair, I am incredibly liberal and thus have a bias, but it boggled my mind how partisan a potential judge, who is supposed to be bi-partisan, was today. Kavanaugh was so incredibly abrasive and rude to Democratic Senators, heckling them and interrupting them over and over throughout the testimony. He would dodge and push back on simple yes or no questions, and then try to push back and ask the senators questions, even though he was on trial. There were so many times where I became visibly and audibly angry at the bullshit that spewed from his mouth. He showed that he had a calendar where he put down everything he did during that time, and since the party where he raped Dr. Ford wasn’t on the calendar, there’s no way it happened.

Now don’t get me wrong, throughout the hearing, learning facts about what’s been going on, there’s no doubt in my mind that the Democratic Senators could’ve handled things much better than they did. But the amount of verbal abuse they faced from Kavanaugh, as well as their colleagues, was monstrous. I also find it hysterical that when they asked Kavanaugh if he drank a lot, he dodged the question and continuously said that he was a good student; top of his class. He played sports! He worked out! He’s a hard working, smart cookie! But I know plenty of people who get drunk at parties, but also are very smart, hard-working students. One does not cancel out or negate the other. It was so difficult to watch this hearing, but I did until the very end, because I had to finish it out. I think that no matter what happens next, it’s going to be incredibly messy and there will be massive outrage. The one thing I will say is that after this hearing, from how Kavanaugh acted throughout the proceeding, I do not think he is fit to be a part of the Supreme Court. The worst part of the hearing was when one of the Democratic Senators, who had been incredibly fair to him throughout the process, asked if Kavanaugh drank to excess at all in his youth. She mentioned her father was an alcoholic, and how she understands the struggle. Kavanaugh immediately deflects and asks if she is an alcoholic. It was so appalling how unapologetically rude and inappropriate that was for him to say, and though he apologized, the damage was done.

Now I didn’t really do much else for the rest of the night, except make some dinner and play League, but I do begin work tomorrow, so I need to get some rest. I would love to talk to someone about everything going on though…

Until next time,


Believe Dr. Ford

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