The Day of the Audition (9/25/18)

So today was the big day. I finally got to audition for TAP NYC, to become a member, and get to participate in their Talent Agent and Manager Showcase. I woke up at 11:30 or so, and ended up hopping in the shower around 12:30 or 1:00. Now I needed to be at the group audition at 2:30, so I was, like usual, running late. I took a shower, brushed my teeth, and got ready. I put on my dress clothes, some fun socks, (because I love fun socks. Legit all I own. I own less than 5 boring socks. Today’s socks had bananas with sunglasses on skateboards on them), got my hair out of my face with some gel, and left. I ended up catching the 2PM train, which was definitely cutting things a bit close. Now, I had been going through my head all last night which monologue I was going to use, since, during the last audition, the woman auditioning me said the monologue I always use is overdone. I had a backup monologue prepped, but this monologue, which is Dante’s monologue from Promedy, fits my character type to a dime, is one that I can pull out of my ass and do at a moment’s notice I’m so comfortable with it. I decide to go with the Promedy monologue, mostly because the age ranges in these two auditions were very different– in the last one, I was definitely one of the oldest people there, while in this one, I was on the younger side, so I was expecting that these people haven’t heard this monologue as much as the other people had.

So I was riding on the train, going over the monologue over and over out loud, which probably made me seem like a crazy person, and I finally arrived at 59th street, where I transferred to another train to get closer to the audition. Now I thought in directions I had looked at in the past, that I needed to transfer from the A to the D, and that would take me to where I needed to go. Yeah no, that was not the case. I ended up getting off about two streets away from the building, and had to quickly walk there, from 6th Ave- 8th Ave. I ended up arriving at 2:33 or so, signed in, and headed into the room. Now I was taking my time because I didn’t see anyone but the two people holding the auditions, but when I entered into the room, I saw it was filled with the actors auditioning, (there was probably 9 or 10 of us in there), and so it began. We each went up, one by one, gave a fun fact about ourselves, did our monologue, and sat back down. After we all went, we were asked a question or two, and then were given the chance to ask the two people from TAP NYC any questions we may have. The only question I was asked was if I was now living in New York, which I, maybe mistakably, gave my whole spiel, and they moved on from me. It makes me just a bit nervous, because they asked two of the actors “If you were given the opportunity to join us tomorrow, would you?”, and I am scared that they are the ones who will get the email, and I will be declined. After the Q&A’s, we were told that we would be emailed whether we were in or not tomorrow morning at 9:30AM, which, since it is now 2:55, is giving me quite a bit of anxiety. Whenever it comes to auditioning, and I guess my life in general, I always begin to overanalyze every single detail, wondering what I messed up, what I could do better, if they said something that would mean I’m not getting in, I dunno. I just psych myself out, and it is definitely not good for my mental state, let me tell you.

After we were done, I thanked the auditioners for having me, and I left. We were all going to take the elevator up, since we were in the basement, but apparently someone was stuck in the elevator, so we ended up filing one by one up the stairs and into the lobby. As I left the building, I realized that I hadn’t eaten yet today, so I went searching for somewhere to eat. I ended up finding a Bareburger, which has fantastic burgers, and sat down for a quick bite. I got my burger and fries, gobbled it down, and headed home. I did want to add that it was pouring for most of the morning into the afternoon, so thank god I had an umbrella or I would’ve been drenched. Anyway, I hop back on the A and head on home. When I get back, I get changed, put on some sweatpants, and sit down, wondering what I’m going to do with the rest of my day. I debated just playing League, but I remembered Daniel Sloss is performing tonight and tomorrow at the Comedy Cellar at 9:30, and even though tickets were sold out, you could still stand in line and hopefully get a ticket. I decided not to be a lazy fuck, and made the decision to go and hopefully get in. Since I had a few hours to spare, I played some League, as per usual, and then changed into a second outfit– black jeans, my black Vans, and a grey button-up, and headed back out. It took about 30 minutes to get there, and when I arrived there was already quite the line. I stood there for a good 5 minutes or so, when the bouncer (or whoever that was standing out there taking names), announced that there were already too many names and they were not going to let anyone else in. So even though I traveled all the way there, it didn’t pay off tonight. However, I still have a chance to go tomorrow, so I’m just going to go earlier and hope for the best. As I was leaving, I realized I hadn’t eaten dinner yet, and instead of making food for myself, I headed to Wok to Walk, a quick and easy (and cheap) noodle shop, grabbed some food to go, and headed home. Once I got back, I ate the noodles, and of course, played League for the rest of the night, getting tilted as per usual.

Now it’s 3:05, and I am going to wake up at 9:30AM, check my email, and either be super excited or pretty bummed. Either way, I’m happy I’ve had the confidence to pursue this outlet in order to get representation, and no matter what happens, I am going to get representation. Here’s hoping I have good news to report tomorrow. Goodnight!

Until next time,



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