A Good End to the Weekend with some (Indaba) Chardonnay (9/23/18)

Today I woke up and rolled out of bed around 7:40 or so, just like yesterday, groggily took a shower, brushed my teeth, and got ready for the day. I finished getting ready, made sure I had everything I needed for the day, and set off to catch the 8:45 train. Unfortunately today was the day where, even though there was supposed to be an 8:45AM train, one did not arrive, so I did not manage to catch a train downtown until 9:00AM. I got on the train, music playing in my ear, and we headed off towards Brooklyn. I don’t remember much of the train ride, since, like usual, I passed out for a good 20-30 minutes, which felt great. Luckily there were no delays on that train, so I made it to Jay Metro Tech with some time to spare, caught the D train, and headed to Carroll Station. Normally it’s the F that runs that way, but of course there’s construction going on on the F train or F line or whatever; Honestly not surprising for the MTA.

I made it to work at 9:55, and headed next store to grab something to eat for breakfast. Unfortunately I didn’t have any cash on me, and there is a $10 minimum for cards, so I quickly grabbed a few extra items to go along with my sandwich, so I could make the minimum. I ended up getting a sandwich, some yogurt, and a bag of cookies, and headed back to Emma’s Torch to start the day. I prepped for service with the other server who I would be working with, along with our sommelier/manager of the day. After setting up for Brunch (surprisingly quickly, I might add. It took us under a half hour), I clocked out, ate my sandwich, clocked back in, and Brunch began. I was not doing too much for the first hour, because the other server was working the front of the restaurant, while I was working the back, but we did have a 12 top come in at 12:15, so I had my hands full in no time. Compared to yesterday, however, today was nothing. I don’t think any of us felt rushed or frazzled, and everything seemed to go pretty smoothly.

When the 12 top came in and sat down, I made sure to have a system set up, so I didn’t mess up anyone’s orders. I made sure to jot down all of the party’s drinks first, and then once all of that was in and made, then I would take their food orders. It was the most organized I honestly think I’ve been since working at the restaurant, and it worked wonders. The only issue I ran into is when I was clearing plates, I accidentally knocked over the head of the party’s glass of Graham Beck, and it spilled on her ankle. Luckily I got the glass to bounce off my foot before it hit the ground, so it didn’t shatter (thank God), but I still felt terrible. I had a new glass poured for her, and the day continued. They were a good party and got in, sat down, ate, and left with no problems, which was amazing. Once they left, I began taking on a few other tables, and the shift slowly began to wind down to a stop. The only sort of interesting thing that happened was that an elderly couple came in and ate, really enjoyed all of the food, and then the woman, who had gotten the Shakshuka, said she wanted to take it home with her, so I boxed up the leftovers and gave it to her in a bag. Unfortunately after they had paid and left, I realized she had forgotten her leftover Shakshuka! I remembered her saying that she was looking forward to eating it for breakfast, so I remarked that they were old and couldn’t have gone far, and jogged after them with the food. Luckily they were just down the block and I caught up to them in no time. The woman appeared extremely grateful, and they said that they would definitely be back.

After service had ended, we cleaned up the dining room and did everything we needed to do to close, and finally sat down for family meal. Like usual, the food was delicious, and it was great to just sit down and talk with my coworkers. Before we left, we shared a little bit of wine that was going to be tossed out otherwise, had some good laughs, and I finally parted ways with everyone and headed home. Like last time, once I got on the A train headed uptown, I passed right out. I finally made it home just before 6PM, and have just been relaxing for the rest of the night, playing League, and even working a little bit more on my website. I still have a long way to go, but I just want to continue to tinker with it, so it will be finished, sooner rather than later. I have ended the night with some leftover pasta from 2 days ago, along with a glass or two of our Indaba Chardonnay, which I took home with me, since we were going to toss it otherwise. Honestly, I would definitely say it’s been a night well spent.

I am now going to pass out because it is 4:38 and I am exhausted. I’ll talk to you all soon. Love y’all.

Until next time,



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