A Productive Day of Work and a Website in Progress (Happy First Day of Fall!)(9/22/18)

So I’m just seeing the time now, and boy have the past few hours flown by tonight. I’ve been working on my website, trying to make sure that I can get it live within the next few days, but I really do need sleep, since I’m working at 10AM tomorrow. Now onto the blog.

Today was just like any day of work. I got up at around 7:20, stayed all curled up in bed for a good 30 minutes, hopped in the shower, quickly got ready, and headed off to work. I ended up arriving at around 9:45, and stopped by the deli next store to pick up a quick sandwich for breakfast- another BLT (always a good choice in my opinion). I then headed into the restaurant and began prepping for the day. On the books it didn’t appear to be that busy of a day, with only 31 people set to come in throughout the day. And honestly, it was a good day! We ended up with 61 covers (which is the amount of people who came and ate at the restaurant), and the restaurant felt steady and busy the entire time. Not hectic, but busy. It definitely made the day go by fast, and I didn’t skip a beat– No broken glasses today, thank goodness. I probably had a bit too much fun making cappuccinos though in all honesty. I wasn’t sure how to really make designs with the foam, but I still tried my best, and ended up making a few different things, even if accidental. I made what reminded me of a ghost from the old Scooby Doo cartoons, a mushroom, and what looked to be a bird (somehow). I really want to continue to improve though! It’s definitely a fun time, and I want to be able to consistently make interesting shapes in the coffee. I’m curious if I can make a torch to symbolize Emma’s Torch out of the foam- well I just thought of that and now that will be my goal. Stay tuned to find out how that goes haha.

After everyone left, we began to clean up, and sit down for family meal. I clocked out pretty early, but continued to help folding napkins, only to get lectured on for the fact that not everything was prepped for the next service- something that I definitely should’ve noticed, but did not. It wasn’t too many things: a few dishes and glassware in the back, and two tables didn’t have glasses for each seat. Again, a rookie mistake, but something I missed all the same. I also got a talking to because they don’t want us clocking in 30 minutes early any more, since things aren’t getting done any faster. The max I am allowed to clock in early now is 10-15 minutes, which is fine, but definitely something I need to consider. After getting the lecture, I enjoyed the incredible family meal, which was leftovers from the Graduation Dinner. I stuffed my face full of food, and headed home for the day. As I took the train home, I began to feel pretty exhausted, so I ended up passing out for a solid 30+ minutes, which felt amazing. I keep going to sleep pretty late, this night included, because I am very much a night person, and I put things off until later at night; Not recommended, but here I am. Once I got home, I attempted to win some games in League, but after losing a few games in a row and becoming tilted, just like yesterday, I gave up and tried to be productive.

I made some chicken for dinner, which I got from Trader Joe’s about a week ago, and mixed it with some broccoli and rice. It was a frozen raw chicken, so it took close to an hour to prepare, so while I waited, I caught up on an anime I’ve been following (My Hero Academia- absolutely fantastic show. One of my favorites in a long time), and decided to begin working on my website. It’s been a work in progress for a few days now, and there’s still a ton left to do, but I really want to get one finished. I’m really happy I started a blog here, but my main goal is to have a website, and link this blog to my website and vice-versa, just to get traffic going. I’ve been using the template provided on Wix, as well as one of my friend’s website, who also uses Wix, just so I can get a base understanding of what to do. I’ve never done this type of designing before, and I gotta say, it is a daunting task. I’ve been trying to focus on one thing at a time, so I will eventually reach the final project, but it’s definitely a lot. I seemed to have lost track of time, and spent a good 1.5-2 hours on it, which is good, but I really need sleep. Oh! I also managed to change my Twitter username to SaunderMichaelM from what it used to be- MichaeltheMink (Much less professional). I’m a bit peeved because Twitter allows one less character than Instagram, so I can’t fit my whole name in my username, but this at least looks better. Follow me there to see my random tweets about who knows what Alright, that’s it for me. I’m gonna go pass out now.

Also– Happy First Day of Fall!

Until next time,


Website Under Construction.jpg

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