Coffee Designs, Questionable Words (Of Wisdom?), and a Night Off (9/21/18)

Today I woke up at 11AM, finally ended up crawling out of bed at 12:30, took a shower, and headed out at 1:30– I had to be back at Emma’s Torch for a coffee training session. So I arrive at 2:30, and wait around for the other servers to arrive at 2:00. Once everyone arrived, including the person who was giving the training today, we began. It started simple enough: we learned where the beans we use come from, and how to properly measure and grind the beans, and pour a shot of espresso. Apparently everyone measures espresso differently, depending on how much pressure you put on the ground coffee beans. This is definitely not the most interesting thing to learn or read about, but it was important to learn. We then moved to how to heat up milk for the cappuccino– apparently it is a complex process and if you mess up this process, the cappuccino will be perfect. I wish I was joking with the fact that the four of us servers (well 3 servers and 1 server assistant) practiced this for a good 30+ minutes. We finally moved on to using the milk to create designs in the milk. We didn’t actually attempt to make any designs because we ran out of time, but I am now determined to make beautiful designs in cappuccino’s we make going forward.

After we finished the coffee training, I clocked out and sat down, ready for family meal. It ended up being leftovers from last night’s graduation dinner, and it was DELICIOUS. We had two different types of potato salad, one that actually contained beets, and was fantastic. We also had macaroni and cheese that had some sort of meat mixed in. And I gotta say, everything was absolutely incredible. But something strange happened before I left the restaurant today. A guy came in and asked for our head chef. It turns out he was one of the chef and his girlfriend’s friend, and they started chatting for a few minutes. He was this tall, black gay guy, and this doesn’t mean much, but maybe it explains why he said what he said. Anyway, so after a few minutes of chatting with everyone, he says “Alright I gotta go. It smells fucking delicious in here.” As he goes to walk out, saying a quick goodbye to everyone, the man turns to me and says “You’re single. Stay that way.” and LEAVES.

At this point I have so many questions running through my head. I just turn to everyone and go “What the fuck just happened?” One of my coworkers who’s sitting across from me, seeing me perplexed, says “Try not to think about it.. too much.” Now I don’t think she meant to take a pause in between telling me to not think about it, and too much, but this made me think about it even more. Like I have so many questions now. Like one, I am single, but how in the fuck did this guy know it. Two, why am I supposed to stay single? What brought this guy to tell me to stay single? It didn’t seem malicious in any way, but I have never met or talked to this man before in my life, and this was the first thing he says to me?? I am just so incredibly befuddled. It is 11:58 PM and this happened at around 4:40PM, and I am STILL thinking about this. Like I haven’t been in a relationship since March 26th of this year, and although I am not actively looking for a relationship, I would not mind being in one. After watching the Daniel Sloss Netflix Special– Jigsaw, I’m not trying to get into a relationship just to be in one. I need to actually care about the person. But this man just has me thinking. Like do I just not look like a guy who would be in a relationship? Do I look like someone who shouldn’t be in a relationship? I just cannot understand what this man saw when he looked at me to make him say this. I just don’t understand. Honestly leave a comment in this blog if you can give me any ideas, because at this point I am clueless.

After that happened, I finished my food, still befuddled, brought the plate back to dish, and headed home. I decided to stop by a Staples on my way back, because my phone case had gone to shit and I needed a new one, so I got an Commuter Series Otterbox case, switched it out for my old Otterbox case, and headed home. I then spent the next few hours playing League, and losing every single game, getting massively tilted, giving up, and have attempted to be a bit more productive for the rest of the night. I made myself some pasta again tonight, with meatballs and assorted veggies– I even cut up a bit of an apple to eat with it. I zoned out and watched some videos on Youtube, and now I’m typing my blog post for the day. I need to be up at around 7 or 7:30, so I can leave by around 8:30 or so, so I really need to get some rest. Tomorrow is a new day- who knows what might happen. Honestly with all the bad luck that has been coming my way, (though apparently breaking glassware is good luck), something insanely good better be coming my way, because fuck I am not in a good mood right now. I don’t know what it is, but I just am not in a good mood. But shit happens I guess. Like I said, tomorrow’s another day. I love you all and I’ll talk to you real soon.

Until next time,


Being Alone

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