Broken Glass and Damaged Pride (9/20/18)

So this will probably be a short blog, (maybe? But who really knows) because it is 1:56 AM and I need to be back at Emma’s Torch tomorrow at 3:00PM for some coffee training, and I want my good 8 hours of sleep. Now on to today’s blog.

I woke up excited for this evening’s service at Emma’s Torch. It was a graduation dinner for two of our students, which we do every month. They choose and make the dishes themselves, and it is a pre-paid, family style meal. But I’m getting a bit ahead of myself. I woke up, took a shower, and played some League, since I didn’t need to be there till 5 today. I left my apartment at around 3:30, and arrived at 4:30, which is my usual, long commute, but we know this by now. I even got a little bit of sleep on the subway, which I always count as a plus. I arrived and got to work, setting up 11 tables for tonight. We had 28 patrons this evening, so I, along with the my server assistant and manager, prepped everything for this evening– setting up napkins, silverware, glasses, and plates, putting out the menu, sweeping and mopping, making sure we had plenty of water, etc., etc.

I had worked one event before this, but I had never worked a graduation dinner, so I was excited. It all started off well. I talked with some of our guests, and even had a wonderful conversation with on of Emma’s Torch’s board member’s mother, who was from Maryland, just like me. I mentioned that I was in NYC for Acting, and she told me that she actually had a friend who was a producer in NYC, and asked me to give her my information, and I would get passed on to this producer. Talk about the insane luck! I love the types of people you meet in restaurants. After some time of everyone greeting one another, drinking, and chatting, everyone sat down at this long table and the night began. Then I went in the back to bring some glassware to dish, and as I was setting everything down from the large black tray, the tray tipped, and two or three glasses shattered. It happens, but I am never a fan of things breaking on me. The sound is grating, and it definitely doesn’t feel good. But it was okay– we got the broken glass cleaned up, and carried on with the night. Food came out, and so did more drinks. This evening we actually had a brewery working with us, named Hudson Valley Brewery (I don’t really like beer, but damn these were good), so throughout the courses, people got to try three different beers, two of which were actually made with wine grapes, which is really cool and gives a very different taste.

The first of the three was served at the very beginning of the night, with the second being served when food was placed, and the third being offered about 3/4’s of the way through the meal. I brought out the first and second beers without a hitch. Easy as pie. So I had confidence going into the third beer. I thought it would be easiest to bring around enough for one table at once, so I loaded up a tray full of 14 glasses of beer, and began offering them. As I got about a third of my way down the table, I squatted a bit to give a glass to one woman who asked for one, and as I went down, either my hand bent the wrong way or something else happened, because one glass began to tip, and a good 10 glasses went shattering to the ground. To make matters worse, the beer spilled all over this woman. I. was. Mortified. I apologized profusely, and quickly fetched the mop in order to quite literally wipe up this giant mess I caused. The woman took this in strides however, said it was absolutely alright, and actually had a second shirt with her to change into. Even though she was okay and no one was hurt (other than my ego), it didn’t mean I was any less disappointed in myself. Luckily no one gave me much flack, shrugging it off saying “It happens”, and the night moved onward. Luckily the food was delicious and everyone had a fantastic time, besides that one incident. As the night winded down to a stop and everyone had finally ended, we cleaned up the restaurant, set it up for the next day, and got ready to go. We had some food and beer leftover, so I got to take home one of each beer, which is pretty cool, along with some cookies and nuts that we give everyone as a gift at the end of the night.

As I headed home, I stopped by the local Rite Aid, pick up some frozen dinner (along with some chocolate), and got on the subway. Luckily the A train I was on was actually running Express starting at 59th street, so I didn’t get home too unreasonably late. I’ve ended the night eating my frozen dinner, drinking one of the beers, and playing League. Now it’s time for sleep.

Tomorrow is a new day.

Until next time,


Graduation Dinner

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