A Rainy Day for a Voice Lesson (8/18/18)

I want to preface this before this quick blog if anyone is curious, I took this picture and used an app called “HUJI” to make this cool effect. Doesn’t work for all photos, but definitely a cool way to change things up. Anyways—

So today I woke up around 11:30 and began to get ready for my voice lesson at 2:00PM…. which meant that I laid in my bed until 1:00 and said “Shit I need to get ready”, quickly took a shower, and left. Now of course I went to catch the 1:51 train uptown, but I missed it by one minute and had a choice to make. Do I wait another 11 minutes for the train, or do I walk the 10-15 minutes it takes to get to my voice teacher’s house? I chose the latter of the two options, which definitely made the trip more interesting. Thank goodness I grabbed my umbrella before I left, because although it was barely drizzling when I left my apartment, about halfway there it began pouring. Now normally I just deal with rain, but if I didn’t have an umbrella, I’m pretty sure I would’ve been less wet going out for a swim in the river. It was bad. But since I had the umbrella, the main things that got wet were my book-bag, my socks, and my shoes. I finally made it to my voice instructors house, and the lesson began. Today I chose to have a lesson, forgetting that there was an open call for a National tour of Legally Blonde; but I decided it was smarter to prepare for my audition tomorrow for a showcase and feel very prepared, then only be sort of prepared for both auditions.

Now when I first started working with my voice instructor back about a year ago now, I could barely hit a high E. After all of the work we’ve done, I am proud to say I can belt a high G, maybe even an A flat. It’s made me get so excited when he told me that that my range is basically perfect for almost every Broadway song— most songs won’t have you sing higher than a G, and most songs won’t have you sing lower than my lowest note. It’s nice to know that my range isn’t complete shit, you know? Now don’t get me wrong, I still have so much I can improve on, like the fact that when I sing higher notes, I tense up in my throat and/or my tongue, which can really restrict my notes and make them not sound as good and crisp as they can sound. I know the issues I need to work on, and it will be a continuous process to get rid of old habits and work to make sure I sound as good as I possibly can. During the lesson, we warmed up, and then looked over two songs that I have to use for my audition tomorrow- Try Me and Larger Than Life. The main thing is that for this audition, the song must be sung a cappella, so I asked my voice instructor what song he figured would be smartest to go with. He figured I should go with the song I am most comfortable with, which is Try Me, and I recommended Larger Than Life just to have in case they want a different song. We ran through both of them and they actually sounded pretty good, and I felt much more confident about the audition then going into the lesson.

After an hour, the lesson ended, and I headed back out. As I left (with the rain still coming down like a monsoon), I stopped by the edge of the wall next to his apartment, which overlooks the river and the bridge. (Pictured above) It’s one of my favorite spots to just relax and enjoy the view, and although it was very foggy today, with rain still pouring down from the sky above, it was still an absolutely wonderful view. I headed back home, this time with the subway, but before I got home, I decided to stop by McDonald’s to grab some lunch. It turns out today is National Cheeseburger Day, so I figured– Why not? I gotta celebrate such an important and iconic holiday! I ended up getting a large Big Mac meal, forgetting how large the soda cups are. I was given the cup, and chose to grab some Coke, but something inside me kept telling me not to get it. I’m singing tomorrow, and I really don’t drink soda anymore; It’s not that I don’t like the taste, but I’ve worked hard to rid it from my diet. Never the less, I leave McD’s, and as I’m walking down the street, I make a decision– I get about a fourth of the way through the drink, and then toss the cup into the nearest trashcan. I have water and tea back in my apartment, I don’t need any soda. So I get back, eat some food, play some League, and then make dinner for myself. Simple and easy today- Pasta with meatballs and marinara sauce, with some apples and salad on the side (when I say salad, I just mean some leaves, since one of my roommates has a bunch extra and offered me some). After scarfing that down, I jumped onto League and played a few more games, this time with my sister, her boyfriend, and our friend, once more.

It is now 12:17, and most of my apps cannot be opened because of that IOS update, which includes a new feature called “Screen Time”. You can turn it on and set it yourself, but basically you set two times to be  “Downtime” and during that time period, most of your apps are restricted. I want to use it so I can stop staying up so late– I need my rest. So now I’m typing this blog post and getting some sleep. I got a big day tomorrow- that audition! It might get me something, it might not, but I have to try. Stay tuned for the next blog- Hopefully the audition goes well! The open call begins at 11AM, so I want to be up at 8:00. Time for sleep!

Until next time,


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