A Nice Date Night With A Friend (9/14/18)

Today I woke up in a sweat, not from any nightmare or terrifying dream, but solely because I idiotically slept with my comforter on top of me, which, despite the name, is definitely not comfortable when your room is 75+ degrees. But I was up and that’s what mattered. I then spent the first part of my day playing league (of course), eating some lunch, and doing some research for where I was going to take my friend out to eat tonight. She was the main reason I actually was able to move to New York: she kept pushing me to apply to different jobs, sent me different ads for apartments, and even got me the job that I’m at now, Emma’s Torch, as well as helped me find my apartment. Aka she is a god send and I owed her BIG time. So when I first moved in, I promised her that once I finally was settled in and got paid, I would take her out to a nice restaurant and treat her to dinner– We finally settled on a date this past week, which was today. After doing some research about good places to eat in New York, (I needed to be careful where we ate, since she’s Jewish), and ended up finding a restaurant in lower Manhattan known as  Rouge Tomate Chelsea. From the website, it seemed to have a good selection of courses– meat and vegetarian, so I booked our reservation for 8:30PM.

Once that was done, I hopped in the shower and got ready for the “friend date”. I debated what I wanted to wear, since it was a nice restaurant, I wanted to look good. I debated between a few outfits, but I decided that if I was going to go in on looking nice, I might as well go all in. I put on my black button up, black slacks, dress socks, black shoes, a purple tie, and even my black vest to complete the look, styled my hair so it wasn’t in my face, checked the mirror multiple times to convince myself I looked good and it wasn’t over the top, and headed out. I ended up arriving at her apartment complex quite a bit early– about an hour before hour reservation, but I figured I’d rather be early than late. I was hoping to keep the restaurant a surprise until we got there, but she wanted to know how dressed up she needed to be, so I caved and sent her the website. Once she was finally ready, she met me in the lobby and we headed out. After a 20 minute train ride and a brief walk, we finally arrived at our destination– Rouge Tomate Chelsea. It was a cute, classy restaurant with a nice, relaxed vibe to it.

When we arrived and checked in, we were immediately seated, which was wonderful. It was not too packed and noisy, which is always nice, and the staff was very kind. We took a look at the dinner and beverage menus, and we both ended up ordering a mixed fruit cocktail, the name of which has left my memory at the moment. It was definitely nice and refreshing, and went great with the meal. For dinner I ordered the Organic Chicken, while my friend ordered the Baked Einkorn. I planned on taking pictures of all of this and posting it on social media, but she banned me from doing anything of the sort, and since it was her night and I was treating her, I reluctantly agreed. I will say, however, that the food was absolutely delightful. The flavors within the chicken and the sauces mixed beautifully and I ate it all in a matter of minutes. Although everything was delicious, we were both a bit hungry still, so I paid and we headed out, seeking somewhere to go for some dessert. She ended up deciding on Amorino, a gelato shop a few blocks away– Definitely a wonderful way to end the night. As we sat and relaxed for a bit, enjoying our gelato, we continued catching up, and began planning on how to return to her apartment, so I could walk her home. Unfortunately this weekend, the trains that run by her apartment complex skip all the streets nearby, so we ended up having to take the 3 and walk a few blocks.

It was still a wonderful night and I was glad to see her again. She has helped me so much these past months, and I cannot thank her enough for everything— It was my pleasure to give her a nice evening and treat her to some good food. She jokingly said that I was finally off the hook and now I never had to talk to her again, but she’s my friend and I look forward to meeting up with her again sometime for some drinks, (though maybe this time not totally on me; I’m not made of money). After I walked her to her door, we said goodnight, and I headed back home. I had to take the train down to 59th and then catch the A uptown, which was fine by me.

When I was riding the A back, there ended up being a small group of performers on the train. Normally I just keep my head down and headphones in, and ignore them, but this time I was standing in the doorway, so I figured I might as well watch. I began to move out of their way, when they told me that I was perfect right where I was, and that I got the “VIP seat”. Their dance routine was actually quite impressive, and the three of them definitely had some very good moves. They all seemed to just be having a great time, and were dancing because they loved it. Although I didn’t end up giving them money, I made sure to applaud when they finished. After their routine was over, since we hadn’t arrived at 125th street yet, they just played some music and started dancing freestyle. This time not asking for money, but just because they could. I really appreciate their free spirit, and care free, high energy attitudes. It was a pleasure to watch them perform. I finally made it back to the apartment, got changed, hung up my dress clothes, and sat down to play a few games with my sis before I pass out. I have to be up 7AM tomorrow for my 10AM Brunch shift with Emma’s Torch, but here I am, typing away at 2AM. But hey, I made a promise to myself that I was going to keep these blogs consistent, and write one about my day every day, no matter how boring it could be. Have a good night everyone and I’ll talk to y’all tomorrow.

Until next time,



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