A Rough Start to the Day with Exciting Prospects on the Horizon (9/13/18)

Today I woke up, excited for the workshop at 5:30. I wasn’t sure what it was going to entail, but I was ready to take in the new experience. When I woke up, I headed out to pick up some paper for my printer, since I needed two physical copies of my resume and headshot. Finally I could use my printer! I head to the local pharmacy, pick up some paper, toothpaste, and a frozen meal, because I didn’t feel like cooking, and I headed back to print out my resume before getting ready for the evening. However when I got back, I went to insert the paper, only to find out very quickly that my printer only took 4×5 and 5×7 paper, as well as paper cassettes, whatever those are. It was the number one recommended printer on Amazon, so I expected that it could at least print out regular documents! But I was very mistaken. Luckily one of my roommates was kind enough to print out the papers for me, (thank god), and I was good to go. The printer dilemma was still there, but I would have to deal with it later. I quickly made headed up the frozen meal, scarfed it down, and hopped in the shower. I had about an hour or less before I needed to head to the workshop, called “Coffee and Tea with TAP NYC”; I wasn’t sure how dressed up I needed to be, so I wore what I always wear to auditions— A grey button up shirt with a black vest, black slacks, and black dress shoes. The only thing that I always have fun with is the socks. In the past 3-4 years, I have really started getting into collecting interesting socks, because I think it really allows me to have fun with my outfits, without looking like I am in middle school. Today I wore some flamingo socks, which are definitely one of my favorite pairs.

Anyway, I got ready to go, grabbed everything I thought I may need, and headed out. I took the A from 175th to 59th street, and planned on taking the C from 59th to 50th, but since the next C train was not going to arrive until 5:23, and we had to arrive by 5:30, I decided just to walk the 11 blocks to the studio. Once there I sat down with a wide range of different actors, different ages, ethnicities, and origins, which was really great to see. I learned very quickly that today was just a Q&A between us actors, two directors and the founder (Bobby Holder) of “The Actor’s Project NYC (TAP NYC), and a Talent Agent named Traci Luthy from BFA, who does commercial, print, and voice over work. Even though I went to something like this this May with my college, it was still a great event to network myself. The biggest thing I took from the event was the fact that TAP NYC does showcases with original material for Agents and Managers, and they have a 75% success rate in getting actors representation. They even invited us all to audition for their next showcase, so I marked my calendar for that day in two weeks.

Even though I didn’t have any questions for any of them at the end of Q&A, I was glad that I ended up going, since I know now that I have another opportunity to go in front of Agents and Managers, which is really exciting. I had a moment there, just for a second, where I wondered if I deserved this. I am so young, and some of the people in that room were definitely 20+ years older than me, and they are still seeking representation. But I had to push those thoughts back, and tell myself that I deserve this opportunity. I cannot stop to question if I deserve this— I just need to go for it. Because I cannot become someone who is just hanging around waiting for something to happen and someone to see me. I need to seek opportunities out myself. So that’s exactly what I am going to do. Who knows, maybe I won’t get into the showcase and I will have to keep searching. Or maybe I will get in the showcase and it will be an incredible experience. No matter what, that is a risk I am definitely willing to take.

After the event ended and I talked to everyone there, thanking them for their time, I headed to Staples to hopefully buy a printer. When I arrived at the store, I scanned printer after printer, having no idea what I was looking at. After being thoroughly confused for a good 10-15 minutes, I headed to the checkout, where I asked an employee if he could help me out. Luckily the man knew EVERYTHING there was to know about printers– what was a good deal, what was a rip-off, et cetera, et cetera. I ended up spending about $250 on a printer, black ink, printer paper, and a 4 year warranty, and was on my way. Again, maybe I spent way too much for a printer, but I definitely wanted something that wasn’t crap that would die out on my in a year, so hopefully this will do the trick.

As I lugged this giant box back to the train station to take home– headphones in, music blaring– I hear someone trying to talk to me, and they even grab my arm. I assume it’s someone just asking for money, and go to continue walking. All of a sudden, one of my friends from college jumps into my view, and I turn around to find that there was a bunch of people from FDU (where I went to college), in NYC, seeing a show for Night at the Theater, taught by the head of the Theater Department. After being thoroughly surprised, but happy to see everyone, I went with them to say hello to Stephen, who taught the class; I hadn’t seen him since the graduation, so it was wonderful to catch up with him. I told him that I would definitely come visit and see the shows this fall, said my goodbyes, and headed back home. He even apologized for not having an extra ticket, or he would’ve offered it to me, but again, I was carrying a very large printer, so it was absolutely fine.

I finally headed back to the subway, and lugged the printer back to the apartment, set it up, and cleaned up my room (finally). After everything looked pretty organized, I headed to the kitchen, where I finally cooked myself some dinner. It wasn’t anything crazy, just some angel hair pasta, mixed in with a basic tomato sauce from the store, some frozen meatballs, and mixed frozen veggie stir-fry. Not complicated, but definitely very tasty. I have now spent the remainder of the night playing League, as per the usual, with my sister and a friend, and am prepped for sleep. Tomorrow I’m taking a friend on a fancy date, because I told her I owe her for helping me move into the city. Should hopefully be a fun night!

Until next time,


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