Another Day at Work and an Exciting Day Ahead (9/12/18)

Today I woke up to an email that confirmed my hopes from yesterday. I get the chance to go to a free acting workshop that discusses managers and talent agents. Even though I have luckily been able to attend a workshop like this this spring with my college, I am still excited to see what tomorrow will entail. Who knows, maybe I’ll get noticed by the talent agent there I will finally get the chance to get an agent, which I have been yearning to get for quite some time now. This will most likely not happen, but at the end of the day, exposure is incredibly important. This blog is a good starting point for me, and I will continue to write these, no matter if one person sees it, or 100 people see it. At the end of the day, this blog is for me. I will say though that I am excited to announce that I finally bit the bullet and paid for a domain name, so my blog is now “”, instead of the jumble of letters and numbers that it was previously, so that’s exciting! Stay tuned because I will begin working on my website soon enough, which I really need to create, but money am I right? I do want to thank all of you who have been reading my blog posts, it really means a lot. I know not all of them are that interesting, but it still blows my mind that people are reading anything I’m writing. Alright, done with the sentimental stuff, back to today.

So once I woke up and answered the email about the workshop, followed the link sent to me, and signed up, I finally got myself up, took a shower, got ready, and headed out for another day at Emma’s Torch. It began very slowly to be honest; I got there and set up, but no customers ended up arriving until at about 7PM or so. So I spent the first 2 hours just hanging out, folding napkins, and talking with my server assistant, passing the time. Then, as per usual in the restaurant industry, everyone came in at once. They weren’t big tables, just two or three tops, but they built up fast. The biggest party we had was a nine top which arrived at 8 o’clock, and by the time they arrived and sat down, the restaurant was basically at capacity; which is exciting, but busy. After that, time moved very quickly. I didn’t really have time to think— just keep moving and get things done. I’ve learned that I seem to go very autopilot when it gets busy in a restaurant. I don’t think, I just do. I work to get everything done without stressing myself out, and it’s seemed to work out for me so far. Oh! Side note: Family meal today was a mixture of different kinds of pasta, meatballs, and salad, which was all delicious, and since there was some left over, I got to take a bit home for dinner! God bless— honestly the less I have to cook when I get back from work, the happier I am.

Anyway, the hurricane that is a restaurant when it gets busy left as fast as it arrived. With only a few strangling tables left, we began to wind down the night. At 9:53 we had a table come in, (we close at 10), and sat down for some food. I of course was not pleased, because why go to a sit down restaurant 5 minutes before they close? That just seems disrespectful to me. But they made it before 10, so I was prepped to serve them. However, after giving them a minute to look over the menu, I was ready to go over to them and take their order when I they got up and exclaimed that there was a Chinese place they wanted to try, and left. But hey, that’s fine by me. That meant we were actually able to clean up and close at a decent time! The main thing that I was grateful for, however, was the fact that our tips were very nice tonight, even though we didn’t have many customers today. I will always take some nice tips, and that definitely made my night! Then I headed back home, and got lucky enough once more that I somehow caught the last express A train, which meant I got home even faster!

Now I’m not sure if any of you believe in horoscopes or tarot cards or the like, but personally I find them very interesting. I understand why some people don’t put any merit in them, but although I don’t look at what they say as the one and only truth, I like to keep my mind open to the possibility that what they say could be true. At midnight I checked an app called “Mystic Mondays”, which give you your tarot card of the day, and my tarot card for 9/13 is Princess of Cups. From the description, I need to pay attention to subconscious messages, as well as answers to questions I may have, which may appear in surprising and playful ways. Again, this could be nothing, or something exciting could happen tomorrow. Either way, you know I’ll tell you all about whatever goes down— hopefully it’s something good. No matter what I am looking forward to this workshop tomorrow! Can’t wait to maybe stretch my acting chops again; it’s been a hot second!

Until next time,


Princess of Cups.jpg

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