A Day Off, A Surprising Movie, and How to Build a Desk (for Dummies) (9/10/18)

So today I let myself finally get nine hours of sleep, waking up at 12:30, and staying in bed until 2:30. Since I had the day to myself, I decided that I wanted to not waste the day, and was debating whether or not I was going to see a movie. As I scrolled through Twitter, I saw a friend mention how they wanted to talk to someone about the interesting twist ending of “Searching”, so although I didn’t have much of an interest to see that movie, I decided to head out to a theater and watch it. I mean, I’m paying to see three tickets a week for free at AMC theaters, (an insanely good deal, by the way. Like you pay $20 a month to see up to 3 movies a week for free. You end up saving so much money), so i might as well see something. The only thing I really knew about the movie was that one line from the trailer, where the dad says “Where were you, the night my daughter went missing??” Personally it seemed a tad melodramatic, so I wasn’t expecting much from the movie. After some debate, I finally decided to go see the movie at 4:30, so I quickly took a shower, got dressed, and headed out. Since I had a good 50 minutes to get to the theater, I ended up going to a “Pick & Eat”, a local restaurant, to grab some food to take with me. I grabbed a sandwich and jumped onto the subway, and was on my way. I decided to save the sandwich for when I was in the theater, so I didn’t feel the need to pay for popcorn or anything, and made it with a few minutes to spare before the trailers began.

I want to preface now that what I am saying in this paragraph are SPOILERS. I highly recommend people see the movie, and I don’t want to ruin anything for you. If you want to read the rest of this blog, just skip this paragraph and you’ll be okay. Now that that’s out of the way, ho-ly FUCK. There were so many twists in the movie that I was was kept on the edge of my seat the entire time. I mean the beginning was heart wrenching, and the concept and use of only telling the story through computers, and screens in general worked beautifully. Nothing felt mechanic or out of place. The movie felt very real, and I never knew where it was going to go. Like at first when you thought she ran away, I believed it. And then the dad figured out she went to the lake, and I was here for it. Then you have the text messages between the uncle and his daughter, and you think there’s some incest going on. Turns out he was just smoking her up, which is totally fine. Then you find out that a guy says he kidnapped her, and murdered her. And then the dad realizes that nothing is adding up, and it turns out the detective leading the case was at fault the entire time???? Like it was such a brilliant twist. And looking back, it all made sense and added up. When she mentioned that she would do anything to protect her son, I never thought for a second that it would have any crucial meaning in the movie. I never questioned when she said her team had already looked in two areas. Like everything added up and it was amazing. Like I was not expecting to like the movie as much as I did, but I am very glad that I went and saw the movie. Absolutely recommended. If you saw the movie, I would love to have a conversation about it!

Spoilers are now done, don’t worry. After the movie ended, I left the theater and ended up going to a Trader Joe’s a few blocks away, because I needed to pick up some chicken and some veggies, since I was running low. I got in and got out at a reasonable pace, except the fact that the checkout line was insanely long; but when are lines not long in NYC? After checking out, I jumped back on the subway and headed back to my apartment. When I got back, I decided to clean up my room and take out some trash; I was supposed to have my desk come in today, and it had supposedly arrived, but since I didn’t know where to look, I felt like I was out of luck. However, when I went to the laundry/ trash room in the basement, I saw a box sitting there. It was my desk. Not sure if that’s the usual place where packages are delivered for the basement apartments, but I was not questioning it. I dragged the box, which was quite heavy, I must say, back to my room, opened it up, and started building. The entire process took a good 1-2 hours to finally complete, but it was well worth it. The fact that I am now sitting at a desk, in a comfy af chair, instead of on the ground on some pillows, using a box as a table, feels incredible. It felt like such a huge accomplishment, to finally have the basics of my room together. There’s still a lot in my life that I am working to figure out, like working as an actor/getting an agent, relationships: how does that work?, so on and so forth, but this is a good step in the right direction.

When I finally finished the desk, my sister asked me if I wanted to play league, I let her know that I wanted to grab some quick food and then I was down. Even though I had bought this food today, I was in no mood to cook up some chicken tonight, so I headed on over to Subway and picked up a sandwich, before swiftly heading home. I have now spent the last 4-5 hours playing league and talking with my sister, her boyfriend, and her friend, and it’s been grand. It is now past three o’clock, so I am going to pass out. I look forward to talking to all of you again soon!

Until next time,


My desk

(I built this thing! Honestly not that much of an accomplishment, but I am still very proud lol)

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