A Day of Work, A Tower of Sangria, and Amazing Friends (9/8/18)

Today started off bright and early, with me waking up at 8AM, quickly eating something, and heading to work. The commute was pretty easy, besides the fact I passed out on the train and I almost missed my train stop to switch from the A to the F. Luckily I woke up in time and made on time. Once I arrived at work, I worked to prep the restaurant for Brunch, where I ended up getting onto the conversation of geofilters on Snapchat with some of the people working today. When I mentioned that I make it a rule to never break a streak, my server assistant, who is now a senior in high school, said “I didn’t know old people used Snapchat”. First off I’m not old. Secondly damn I wasn’t expecting to get called old for at least another 5+ years, but here we are.

As for the shift itself, it was definitely very busy, but doable. We worked hard and everything was fairly smooth the entire Brunch, even though we were very busy the entire time. Once the shift ended, I worked to clean up the restaurant for the next shift, as my manager and server assistant took a breather, since they were both working doubles. After I finished my side work, I hung around for family meal, which, per usual, was fantastic. I gobbled it down and headed out just before 5 to get ready for the night. I took the train home, jumped in the shower, and made sure I looked good before I headed back out to Penn Station. There I met my friends from college and we all went to a place called “Mad Dog & Beans”, which was. Mexican restaurant with alcoholic towers that held I believe up to about 3.5 liters of alcohol. We ended up getting a red Sangria, and when all was said and done, one of us had 3 glasses of Sangria, one of us had 2 glasses, and three of us, including myself, had 5 glasses. And I gotta say, I am finally arriving home and I am not sober.

It was an absolutely fantastic evening with good food, great drinks, and amazing friends. I’m so glad I got to see them all again. Now I need to pass out because I have work at 10AM tomorrow and am exhausted. I love you all.

Until next time,


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