A Peaceful Afternoon in Central Park (9/5/18)

Today I had another day off, and since I didn’t receive any calls from the temp agency about work, I had the day to myself once more. I dragged myself out of bed at around 10AM or so, ate a bowl of cereal, and played a few games of League (a video game that I am quite addicted to), before I headed out to actually try to be productive today. I’ve been needing to replace the G key on my keyboard, so I went to the Apple Store to finally get it done. Unfortunately the wait time was 4.5 hours, so since I had some time to kill, I first stopped by a small little cafe called “Gigi Cafe”. I sat down for a bit and ate a sandwich, playing a game on my phone to try and waste the time. When I was finished, I made the decision to head off to Central Park to relax until I was notified to come back to the Apple Store for my Genius Bar appointment. I sat on a bench in the park and ended up reading a play called “Proof” cover to cover, which I had been meaning to do for a while now. Since I still had another hour or two, instead of just playing some games on my phone, (like I had done earlier) I decided to do some writing. And since this blog is all about my writing, I figured I’d post it here. It may not be the most coherent piece of writing at times, but here it is.

     I’m sitting here, waiting for the Apple Store to contact me, so I figured instead of just being on my phone for the next hour I’d do some writing. I’ve already read a play, which just so happened to be the play Anthe and Kayleigh’s senior seminar scene was from, as well as Raj and Sanika’s scene from Intro to Acting. Pretty solid play honestly; not the most interesting, but still pretty good.

    It’s nice to just sit in the park and just relax for a while; become a part of the scenery and watch as everyone and everything around you lives their lives. Watching a bee drink pollen from some flowers. Watching people walk their dogs through the park; some aimlessly while some with purpose. Feel the slight breeze whisper sweet nothings to the leaves. Smell the warm summer air, finally cooling down from the intense afternoon sun. Hear the birds conversing to one another up above; Chattering about who knows what.

     Everything, at least for this moment and time, is peaceful. All the stress and worries from work and life wash away, until all that is left is a sense of peace and tranquility. A sense of self. Life can, at times, be stressful and overwhelming. Overstimulation courses through your veins and you feel panicked. But sitting here and listening, truly listening, helps calm the nerves, and reassures you that everything will be alright.

     Right as I finished writing this, I was texted by the Apple Store to return, so I got up and made my way back. I waited for another 30 minutes or so before I was seen, and a woman quickly fixed the issue; She took my computer to the back and replaced the G key on my keyboard, which was beginning to fall off. I took back my computer and finally made my way back home, where I made myself an easy meal, and have spent the rest of the night playing League, partly by myself and partly with my sister and a friend. Tomorrow begins work once more, so i guess we’ll see how that goes. As always, you’ll hear about it (of course).

Until next time,

-Michael Saunders
Central Park.jpg

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