A Day Off With A Nostalgic Movie (9/4/18)

I was about to pass out for the night, with my computer shut down and my alarms set, when I realized that I hadn’t written my blog post for the day. I debated just writing it when I awoke tomorrow, but then I wouldn’t be staying true to myself, as I want to write a blog post every day. So now here I am, writing this post on my phone at 1:35AM, as I lay in my bed, ready for sleep.

Today I woke up, prepped for whatever response I received about my work schedule at the restaurant. Though I wasn’t sure what to expect, the response I received really didn’t throw and fuel onto the fire, but it didn’t cool off the flames, either. As I awoke and read through my manager’s email, all I was told from it’s contents were that “I wasn’t losing any hours because full time employees work 3-4 days a week”. I didn’t understand her argument here because even though I am working full time, I still lost hours this week. That was the problem, not me worrying if I was working full time or not. But I decided to let it pass for now; if it continues to be an issue, and I continue to be given worse hours than the other servers, I will confront my manager once more.

After lying in my bed, pushing off all responsibilities for a few hours, I decide that I would go see a movie, since I had the day to myself. I’ve been wanting to see Incredibles 2 since it was released, so I found a theater playing it and bought tickets. I also paid for the AMC premium membership, because it’s $20 a month, and you are able to see 3 free movies a week. Do you know how great of a deal that is?? If you only end up seeing 2 movies the entire month, you still have saved money. That’s insane to me, but if the service is offered, I’m absolutely gonna take it. The movie was at 7:00, so I got up, took a needed shower, grabbed some food, and relaxed for a bit, playing some video games until I needed to leave. I took the train to 125th street, and headed inside for the movie.

After coming out of the theater, all I can say is holy shit did this movie not disappoint. I remember seeing the original movie years and years ago when it first came out; and for them to come back and create a movie like this is, dare I say, incredible. I have to say though, Elastagirl is so badass in this movie it is unreal. Yeah Mr.Incredible has super strength, but the way she uses her powers is amazing. I also love seeing Mr.Incredible try his hardest to be a good dad and take care of his kids, while he watches his wife kick ass as a super hero. I don’t want to spoil anything from the movie, but if you haven’t seen it yet, please do yourself a favor and go ASAP before the movie leaves theaters. Also the theme song that’s played during the credits? Fantastic.

Tomorrow I may get a call for some work from the temp agency, so I am definitely gonna get some sleep now. Goodnight everyone.

Until next time,


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