Voice Lessons, A Day Off, and A Possible Storm Ahead (9/3/18)

So I was going to talk today about my day off, and how I had my first voice lesson in over a month. It was frustrating jumping back into it, and I felt like I’ve fallen down a few steps since the last lesson, because it’s been so long. I always get frustrated with singing because it feels like so many of the high notes are almost within reach, but just out of my grasp. I can hit them and have hit some pretty damn high notes, but it’s frustrating when I can’t replicate it all the time. All the same I love the challenge, and love singing, so I’m ready to get back into things. I was going to talk about how I spent the rest of the day relaxing in my room; heating up leftovers, purchasing a desk, chair, and printer for my room, grabbing Subway for dinner. I really wanted to talk about how fantastic of a show Jack Ryan is. It’s a new show on Amazon Prime starring John Krasinski, has eight episodes, and is fantastic. I binged the series within these past two days, and was blown away. Such a thrilling show, that keeps you on the edge of your seat every episode, wondering what was going to happen next. Honestly I am so impressed by the writing and acting throughout the show, and how much character development there is, not only for the protagonist of the show, but the antagonist as well. It’s so interesting to see both sides of the story, instead of just one.

But now I’m going to talk about something that just happened to me that has me fuming at 2:15 in the morning. I received an email earlier this evening, with the new schedule for this week. Last week, I was working Thursday at 4PM until closing, Saturday at 10AM until around 4 (when Brunch ends), and Sunday at 10AM until closing, which was even earlier than Saturday, because we were being released early to start off our Labor Day weekend a little early. This is all fine and good. After working a double shift the week before, I don’t mind having a lighter load for this week. Unfortunately, you make a good half of what you’d make at Dinner during Brunch, but I was willing to accept that loss. So now this week’s schedule rolls around. The first email that came out had me working Wednesday at 6PM, Thursday at 4PM, Saturday at 10AM, and Sunday at 10AM. So the same schedule as last week, except now I’m working Wednesday. Although I won’t make as much money during the Brunches, I feel like I will make up for it with the extra hours on Wednesday, so I was okay with it. But then, I check my email a few hours later to find out that my manager sent out a second schedule, this time only having me working Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday. Originally, we had two servers working Tuesday, and two servers working Wednesday, (one of them being me), but now there was only one server working Tuesday, and the other server who was supposed to work Tuesday was now working on Wednesday at 6PM, when I was supposed to work. Now I understand if we’re not busy, why pay more people than are necessary to be there. But why in the fucking hell am I getting punished for this. Why do I lose hours because you don’t believe more people should be working on Tuesday. Now if I got an email saying “Hey, do you want Wednesday off?”, then at least I could say “No, I would definitely prefer to be working”. But instead I just get taken off the schedule, losing hours and money.

I feel like this manager has residing annoyance from a comment I made a week or so ago, where I mentioned that although I love working at the restaurant, I always love a day off. I mentioned that because the manager called up another server and gave them the day off, and I noted how it always feels good to have a day off when you’re not expecting it. The manager seemed to take offense, saying that she would just give me more days off then, if I didn’t like working there. I responded saying that I was incredibly grateful getting to work at this restaurant, and I love working, but when I get a surprise day off it’s nice. Maybe I’m just overthinking things, but it feels like I am now getting punished for making that comment. I don’t understand how it is offensive to say that I enjoy days off. Who doesn’t? Jobs are stressful, and it can feel good to just relax and not have to work for a day. But that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy working there, and am very grateful for my job. I am fantastic at it, and work my ass off to do the best job I can. In response, I sent an email asking what was going on, because I feel that I shouldn’t be punished for them putting too many people on at once.

Of course I like a day off here and there, but this is my livelihood. I need this job to continue to live in New York City. I would prefer this blog post series to be a many year thing, preferably incredibly long term, not a month’s worth and then caput. I will fight tooth and nail for this job, and if my manager is doing this out of spite; there will be hell to pay. Mark my words. I need this job and I enjoy it, and I am not going to lose hours and money because someone was offended by something I said. Like come on, has no one worked their asses off, and said “You know, I can’t wait for a day off”? That would be like someone saying that, and then their boss coming up to them and saying, “If you feel that way, how about we cut your hours in half”. (I’m exaggerating for affect, but you get the point. I Will keep you all updated, but holy fuck I am pissed. Stay tuned)

Until next time,


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