Closing Early, Good Food, and a Peaceful Night (9/2/18)

Today began like yesterday. I groggily woke up, got ready, and headed out for work. Unlike yesterday however, I was much more rushed, since I slept through 40 minutes of alarms, and had under an hour to get ready and leave. Even in the shortened time frame, I still managed to take a shower, and eat some cereal before heading off to work. Luckily the trains were kind to me once more today, and I got to work with plenty of time to spare. I arrived, put my stuff down, and prepped the restaurant for the day. The most important thing, for us at least, is to have all the jugs we have filled with water, and put in our fridge, so we will have plenty of cold water for the guests when they arrive. When we checked the books to see how many reservations we had for today, it ended up only being about 21 or 22 people coming into the restaurant, with that number being halved by our 5 and 6 tops cancelling at the last moment. (Labor Day will do that to you) However, we made up for the lost tables, plus 10 more within the first hour or two of us being open. It definitely wasn’t packed in the restaurant, but it was full and busy for a good 45 minutes or so, as we had many people coming in from the street, with no reservation. However, we were closing early today so everyone could kick-start their Labor Day early, so we ended up closing our doors at 1:15, instead of 3:00.

The service itself was very relaxed and coordinated. Although it was busy, the three of us working up front found a good rhythm and stuck with it, and the tune carried us to the end of service. As service ended and the last table left the restaurant, we finished our side work for the day, and brought out plates for family meal. And I have got to say, it was absolutely delicious. I mean we had meat and rice, we had egg salad, we had pickled veggies, we had pasta salad. We even had chocolate chip cookies! It was heaven; and you know that I stuffed my face to my heart’s (and my stomach’s) content. I even brought home some of the leftovers for another meal. I eventually headed out of the restaurant, and so began my day off. The one thing that bummed me was that I have been entering the “Be More Chill” lottery for a week or two now, and still have not won. And if you have not listened to that show, please do, because it is fantastic and I love it. One of my friends from my college, however, did win today, and I was BEYOND jealous. The show ends September 20th I believe, and boy do I want to see it before it leaves the stage again.

I did make a pitstop on the way home though. To provide context, my friend gave me her old fan, since I didn’t have AC in my room, so  I wasn’t dying when it got hot out. Unfortunately, because I had it running 24/7 in my room, it finally died on me yesterday. RIP Vornado. You lasted me the first month in NYC and got me through some hot days. Anyway, so I decide to check out a few stores to find a replacement. I didn’t want anything expensive, but it is New York, so I was prepped. The first place I stopped by was K-Mart. I checked on the second floor, where there was bedding and other things for your room, but there were no fans. After wandering around that area of the store, I gave up and decided to head to the Macy’s across the street (the big ass Macy’s around Penn Station) Because the store is so incredibly massive, it took me a while to find where I thought their fans would be. Unfortunately when I finally found the fans, there were 4 options, all of which were over $100, and seemed to be a fan, a steamer, and a heater in one? I have no idea; too expensive and not what I was looking for. I asked an employee, who recommended K-Mart, so off I went once more to K-Mart. I found out the fans were on the third floor down; the floor below where I was looking last time. Unfortunately, the store had very little selection when it came to fans, offering a tower fan, a window fan, and then an AC unit. The one thing that stuck out to me, however, is the fact that there were two prices for the same fan, made by the same company. The white tower fan cost $49.99, while the black tower fan cost $39.99. They look the work exactly the same, besides the color. I end up settling on the black fan, and even asked the cashier what was going on with the different prices,  but she hadn’t the slightest clue why it was like that; just that it has been like that for a long time now.

I brought this new fan home, set it up, and have been relaxing for the rest of the night. I am ready for sleep, since I have a voice lesson tomorrow. I’m legit falling asleep at the keyboard, since it’s almost 3AM. Tomorrow should be fun, since I have a voice lesson at 12:30, and I am hopefully looking to be prepped for my audition on Wednesday. Hopefully I start getting cast in things, because I really am starting to get antsy about not acting. I know it takes time, but damn. Either way, I’m gonna pass out. Talk to y’all tomorrow!

Until next time,


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