Old Friends in New Places (8/31/18)

Today I had another day off from the restaurant, which would usually involve me waking up at 7AM and waiting by the phone for a call from the temp agency, but today was different. I learned a week or so ago that a girl that I went to high school with actually lived very close by. I don’t really keep up with people from high school because, let’s be real here, who really keeps up regularly with more than a handful of people from their high school. But her and I were semi-friends back in the day, so I decided to message her to see if she wanted to grab coffee or some food at some point. We ended up deciding on today to meet, and I picked out a place called “Malecon” to meet up. (It was a restaurant that was in the neighborhood, and had good reviews) I got there at around 1:20PM and she met me a minute or two later, we hugged, and went in to eat and chat.

It was so crazy actually having a conversation from someone I knew in high school, especially someone who lives right by, mostly because I’m from Maryland; And, being completely honest, most people from my high school haven’t seemed to do anything with their lives. Going on a bit of a tangent for a moment, I don’t remember high school much, (mostly because I slept through almost all of it), and though I had a friend group that I talked to regularly at the time, there are only two that I keep in semi-regular contact with. I even remember making a post when I graduated, going on this huge spiel about how although many say that you make most of your best friends in college, I wanted everyone I was friends with in high school to know that they would always be my friend, and if they needed anything I was there, and blah blah blah. Oh how naive I was at that time. The very next year, when I came back from my first year in college, I spoke to maybe a handful of people I went to high-school with. As I said already, I only keep up semi-regularly with a few friends from high school, and that’s okay! Forgive the tangent, now back to the today.

I expected us to catch up and talk for about an hour or so, and then head our separate, but I was pleasantly surprised by the fact that we actually reminisced and caught up on each other’s lives for a good 2.5-3 hours. This was a girl who, in total honesty, I had a thing for my junior or senior year, and even told her in this huge message. I am still embarrassed about how I used to go about telling girls how I felt. Whenever I think back to my past self, I can’t help but cringe from how completely awkward I was then. To be fair, I’m not much better now, but I am better. In those few hours, we went through a variety of conversations, from how our families are doing, to memories of high school and those days, to some gossip about how our classmates are doing now. Aka most of them aren’t doing too much. It was almost a game for me when I first started college, to see who was next to popup on my Facebook timeline, announcing they were either pregnant or engaged, or both.When we finally decided we should give up the table, because it was nearing 4:30, we paid for our meals and I walked her back to her apartment. I was happy to walk her back, and I’m thankful she didn’t find it weird that I walked back with her, to be completely honest. I always worry that things I do come off the wrong way, which gives me anxiety, but that’s besides the point. We said our farewells for now, and I told her that we should grab a drink sometime.

As I walked away, I realized I hadn’t given her my number, so I quickly messaged her on Facebook, and once she texted me, I mentioned once more that if we were both in midtown one of these days, we should grab a drink. I then spent the rest of the day buying groceries, (some healthy, some definitely not healthy), and doing laundry, because holy moly was I running low on clothes. I even started watching the new series on Amazon Prime called “Jack Ryan”, and I have to say, I’m three episodes in and I’m definitely enjoying it. I definitely recommend it if you already have a Prime account. If you don’t have a Prime account, how have you been surviving? Tomorrow I go back into work for the 10AM Brunch shift, so that should be fun. I’ll probably have the goal set to sell even more Sangrias, so we’ll see how that goes. But today was definitely a wonderful day, and I hope I’ll get to spend some more time with my new found old friend. Seriously, I need to spend more time with people or I’m going to start going stir crazy.

Until next time,


Old Friend.jpg

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