Back In The Frying Pan (8/30/18)

This title’s great because it fits in multiple ways. 1. I headed back to work today. 2. I work in a restaurant, so it’s sort of punny, and 3. because it was so hot out today it felt like I was being cooked alive. Anyway, onto today.

So today I headed back to work, after having a few days of relaxation. Even though it’s work, I was excited to jump back in and get back into the groove of things. I woke up, took a shower, and caught the train down to Brooklyn, surprisingly with no issues. When I got to work, I met the new server assistant, Ray, who started working today. He was a good kid, and caught on fast. He was ready to work, and was extremely proactive as the night progressed and he started feeling out the rhythm of the restaurant. As for service tonight, it did get busy for a hot second, when everyone seemed to show up at the same time for dinner, but all in all it was pretty slow. It was nice to just relax and really interact with the guests when I got the chance. My task of the day was to sell at least 20 glasses of wine, with an emphasis on the sparkling wines, since it was so hot today. Although it wasn’t busy, I did end up selling 24 glasses on wine I believe, with 3 of them being bottles, (worth about 4-5 glasses), and the rest just being glasses of wine.

Though there wasn’t much to discuss about tonight, there were three older ladies who ended up coming in at the end of the night, who I found out as the night progressed were celebrating two of their birthdays. It warmed my heart to see three old friends, having dinner, and even opening up gifts the others’ had bought for them. It wasn’t anything to crazy, but there appeared to be a gag gift or two in the mix, since one of the woman opened up a present, which appeared to be a tabloid of some kind. As she unwrapped it, I saw her say “Oh my god”, seeming to crack up at this. They also got each other lottery scratch-offs! If that’s not a mood, I don’t know what is. Honestly I think my main take away from today is that I hope that if I make it to that age, I still have a close knit group of friends to do that with. People I can still joke around and have fun with, while still sharing wonderful experiences. Getting older is scary and intimidating, and I have no idea what the future holds for me, but I think at this point that’s the only thing I know for certain. Life isn’t fun or worth living, if you don’t have friends to share your memories with.

Until next time.


Old Friends


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