Distance Makes The Heart Grow Stronger (But Seeing Friends Always Puts a Smile on My Face)(8/29/18)

Today, like yesterday, I woke up at 8AM, prepped for a phone call from my temp agency. But unlike yesterday, I was excited when I didn’t get the call; this meant that I could actually spend the day visiting some friends back at school. Now I love my friends, and it has been hard not being able to see everyone for so long. It’s still just beginning to hit me that I’m not coming back for another semester at FDU. It felt so odd heading there, and knowing that I wasn’t taking the train to get back to FDU, but to return to New York. All the same, it was amazing being able to visit some of my underclassmen again, as well as a fellow graduate, who was staying for grad school. Though my other friends (who have become known as the veg suite, since most of them were vegan/vegetarian), were off across the country and the globe, I still had a few friends at school, and this visit most certainly won’t be the last. Partly because I love them and want to visit when I can, but also partly because the city can get lonely, and all I seem to do is work, since I don’t have many friends here.

When I finally arrived at the train station near school, I had a friend pick me up, and we took a quick trip to Target; I didn’t need anything, but I’m always down to hang with a friend at the one and only, classy af, Targét. As she wandered around, grabbing some things she needed before we had to head back to school, I just had fun and goofed around, not being of much help. We checked out, and headed back to FDU, where I attempted to say hello to a professor, but since she didn’t happen to be there, I headed off to the dorms, where more of my friends were waiting. After a wonderful greeting, and many hugs to go around, I relaxed in their room until everyone was ready to leave. Originally, we were going to try out a place called Prospect Tavern, but when one of my friends realized that Applebee’s was having their dollar margaritas, it only made sense to go there instead. So five of us loaded up into a car and headed out for some lunch. Obviously since it was Applebee’s I had to get the Four Cheese Mac and Cheese, because I hate myself, (but god DAMN is it delicious), as well as some fries to share with the group, and two strawberry margaritas. There may not have been that much alcohol in them, but they were only a dollar and tasted pretty good, so I’m not complaining.

We then headed back to their dorm room, where I hung out for a bit, before deciding to attempt once more to see some professors. It just so happened to be audition night, so even though I didn’t see the professors, I did get to say hello to some friends who were auditioning, and wish them the best of luck: “Break all the legs everyone, you’re gonna kill it!”. It was so satisfying to know that I didn’t need to stress about auditioning for these shows, and begin to worry about callbacks, and if I was good enough, and if I was going to get a part finally. All that was behind me… well at least on the college level. Now I have to deal with the real world, which is a hell of a lot scarier. But after making a loop around campus, I headed back to meet up with my friend from earlier, who I went to Target with. I spent the next two or so hours just hanging out in her room, before I finally had to head back to NYC. I was definitely bummed to leave, and even though I’m less than two hours away, it was still bittersweet saying goodbye.

As I left FDU, I quickly passed out on the train, probably suffering from a food coma from everything I ate at Applebee’s. When I arrived at Penn Station, I ended up meeting up with the writer of the show I was just in, who so happened to be in the city today, seeing a colleague. I sat with him for a bit in a diner called “Tracks”, munching on some fries and drinking some wine, as we discussed life and my choice to move to New York. (He was one of the people who pushed me to make the move) After about an hour, we said our goodbyes and parted ways, and I made the trip back up to my apartment, where I relaxed and ate some food I picked up from “Pret a Manger”.

After eating and playing video games for a few hours, I realized the time and was prepping to get some sleep when an email caught my eye. It was the callbacks for one of FDU’s shows. Even though I graduated, I haven’t been removed from their Theater email list, and boy was I happy to scope out everyone who got callbacks. Though there were no real surprises in general, I was still excited when I saw a friend’s name pop up for a role that I know they wanted. I was so proud of everyone, since I know it can get real nerve wracking, waiting for the callback lists to be released; hoping and praying that you get a callback. It felt good to genuinely get excited to see the list, instead of feeling mounting dread, as I begin to doubt myself and my abilities for the umpteenth time.

I am so grateful that I was able to see my friends today. It’s so strange, looking back on college and realizing how lucky you are to be so incredibly close to your friends. If you’re feeling low and want to hang out, all you need to do is go bang on their door until they eventually open it. After you graduate, you can’t really do that anymore. Everyone is spread out, and it becomes harder and harder to see each other regularly, or at all. I’ve already experienced that, as one friend headed off to Florida for the Disney program, and the other headed off to South Korea to teach English. Though I’m proud of them, I do still miss them, and I wish I could’ve seen them before they flew the coop. But that’s just how life is, I guess. All I can do is spend as much time as I can with the people I care about while they’re here, before they too eventually leave to go off and do their own thing, and live their life.


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