Day 4 In Hell- Some Dunkin, Some Mimosas, and Even More Coffee (8/26/18)

Today ended my four days of Hell. It has been a wonderful stay, but I am ready for some sleep. In all seriousness, this weekend wasn’t Hell. It was long and tiring, but I’m sure most of us have dealt with much worse; The title just has a better ring to it. But I digress. I’m writing this at 10PM, and am surprised I haven’t gone delusional today like I did yesterday. Now onto today.

So today I wake up at 7:00AM, after staying up until 3:00AM finishing last nights blog post. I gotta say, my priorities are way out of wack, but at least I’m keeping up with this blog. So I wake up from dreaming about the restaurant, which I am not surprised about at this point, since it’s been the majority of my life for the past few weeks as I settle into the city. I rise out of bed, get ready for the day, and make the smart decision to go to Dunkin before heading off to work. I pick myself up a Bacon, Egg, and Cheese on a croissant (because croissants are delicious), and a donut, and head off to catch the train and begin another early day. As I munched on my breakfast, I decided to change up my music taste for the day, and began listening to BTS, a K-Pop band. Definitely a great way to get myself in a good mindset to start the day. I made it to the restaurant and once I arrived, the competition of the day was set. I needed to sell 16 Mimosas, the remaining two bottles of Sangria (saving the third for Family Meal), as well as look to sell two bottles of the Beaujolais. That in and of itself is a hefty task. Depending on who comes into the restaurant, we could either sell a ton of alcohol or none at all. Though I could tell people were on edge because of how long the weekend had been, including myself, I made myself an espresso and got hyped. I needed to be in the right mindset if I was going to sell 16 Mimosas, as well as bottles of Sangria and Beaujolais at 11 in the morning. As we opened, the hustle was on. I immediately began to work every table that arrived, and by 12:30 I had sold 8 Mimosas. It was a nice pace, but in comparison to the rest of the weekend, this was nothing. Unfortunately, as the first group of tables finished their food, their Mimosas and left, the day came to a screeching halt. We had a few tables come in, but very few and far between, and no one was in the mood for Mimosas. I did manage to sell all three bottles of Sangria however, which meant that although I absolutely crushed that challenge, I had no idea exactly how good the Sangria was, because there was NONE LEFT. *Ahem* Sorry I am still a little bummed I couldn’t try the Sangria; it looked delicious. As the day slowly came to an end, and the few tables left in the restaurant finished their food and left, I felt my body relax. The weekend was over. I high-fived my coworker who had been with me through this journey; through every rush and every shift, and we cleaned up the restaurant and prepared a few tables for the family meal- chili, rice, and salad. We all enjoyed this very well deserved meal, I grabbed the leftovers for dinner, and headed home at last. As I headed home, carrying my dinner, (as well as two bottles of nearly empty wine), I breathed in a huge sigh of relief, and jammed out to music on the train as we pulled away from the station at last. (For anyone looking to something to listen to, BTS’s latest song, “IDOL”, is SUCH a bop.10/10 would absolutely recommend) I eventually got home and collapsed in my bed, promptly finishing one of the bottles of wine; thankful to finally rest my feet for a night. I absent-mindedly browsed the internet and Youtube for a few hours, and then heated up the leftovers, downed the glass of wine that was remaining in the second bottle, and watched a Netflix Comedy special to finish the night.

It is not even 11PM yet and I am about to fall asleep. I can’t believe that I’m finally going to get a solid 8+ hours of sleep, but I can feel that my body is in desperate need of some solid sleep. Will I get work from the office temp agency I work for? Who knows. All I know for certain is that I made some solid money this weekend, and although people were beginning to irk me slightly, it doesn’t take away from the great work and great service provided this weekend. I’m proud of my work and I’m glad I somehow held out. Will I drink coffee this frequently anymore? Who knows? (I probably will. Coffee saved my ass this weekend.) But that’s a story for another day yet to come.

Until Next Time,



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