Day 2 in Hell- A Cup of Coffee, “World’s Greatest Places 2018”, and The Calm Before the Storm (8/24/18)

You know after these past two days I’m really debating if these are going to be four days of hell or not. Other than the damn metro being all kinds of screwed up when I’m just trying to get home and sleep, these past two days have been surprisingly calm and relaxing. Don’t get me wrong, work today kept me busy, but I never felt stressed. Coming to work and getting a shot of espresso, as well as finding out that my restaurant is listed under the top 100 Greatest Places in the World, 2018, the day was held on a high note that didn’t seem to drop. A group even came in near the end of the night to celebrate a birthday, and the restaurant erupted in “Happy Birthday” (and when I say erupted, I mean us staff and the 5 other patrons in the restaurant). Talk about embarrassing. To be fair, the gentleman in the group asked us to really embarrass his friend, so I was happy to deliver.

I’m writing this blog at 1:13 in the morning, and although the last two days have been calm, it feels as though a storm is approaching, and I will soon enter the inner rings of Hell. Now don’t get me wrong, I love my restaurant and the everyone who works there, but I can only be so prepared for the double shift that I will have tomorrow. I will leave my apartment at 8:30AM and will most likely not get back until 12:30AM. Then I get to go to sleep and wake up on Sunday at 8:30 once more, though that will only be until 5:30PM or so. Before this job, I had only drank coffee three to four times in my life, but now the only way I feel I can survive the day is if I drink coffee. I’ve honestly been surprised about how much energy I gain throughout the shift, just with one simple shot of espresso. That, along with the restaurant’s “family meals”, where the kitchen workers make food for everyone working, and everyone sits down and eat before we open, are the only things that keep me alive. But I digress.

I wish that I had something crazy stories to tell every day, but I don’t mind having uneventful days like today. I will say, however, that it’s the little things in life that seem to put the biggest smile on my face. As I rode back on the train tonight, dealing with more unsurprising maintenance on the subway, a man stepped onto the train, talking about everyone wanting the same things: food, shelter, and love. He then proceeded to play sing and then play the bongos, and then thanked everyone on the train car for listening to him play, and for the smiles we gave him. Even if we didn’t give him money, he was grateful that we chose to listen to him, instead of being in our own little worlds. It was such a pure little moment, and I am grateful that I got to be a part of it. I feel like we should all take at least some time out of our day to tune into the world around us, instead of focusing solely on our what’s going on in our life. I think maybe if more of us did that, then maybe the world would be a more accepting and understanding place.

At least that what I think.

Until next time,


World's Greatest Places

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