Days Off (8/22/18)

Days off can be such a double edged sword, depending on how you spend it. I believe that doing nothing all day, after a week of stressful work, can be good, and help someone recuperate and destress. However, for me personally, if I do nothing all day, which I have done many times, I begin to become antsy. Especially on days where I don’t leave the my apartment. I begin feeling like I wasted the day away. I wonder why I didn’t do more; why I didn’t spend the day doing something productive, instead of lying in bed until 4pm. Luckily today was not one of those days.

Late nights talking to a friend can be grand; you lose track of the time, and then you look at the clock and it’s past 4 AM. You begin to chuckle at your stupidity, since you may have to work in the morning at 9 AM, but you’re glad you spent the night having a wonderful conversation. You finally pass out, after setting alarm after alarm to make sure you actually are alive in the morning. After a few hours of much needed sleep, you are awoken by your alarms, and you groggily await the call, telling you that you are working today. That is the life of a temp worker. It’s not my full time job, but during my days off, that is how I spend my mornings. This morning, however, the phone did not ring. I waited patiently for a few hours, not wanting to fall back asleep, only to miss the important call to action. But as the hours moved forward, and I still heard nothing, I became thankful, because although money is a wonderful and necessary thing, so is sleep. And so I laid back down in my bed, and fell asleep for another 3 hours. It was wonderful. When I awoke, much more alive and full of energy, I chose to relax in my bed for a while, before finally gaining the energy to lift myself up, and start the day.

Since I had the day to myself, I decided to at least get one thing accomplished, so I headed towards the Apple store. I needed to get a key fixed on my laptop, and I was also dealing with the issue where 11,000 photos that I had downloaded from my phone to my laptop had all vanished. Once I made it to the Apple store, I was told the wait would be 4 hours, which means I would have to come back around 8 PM to meet with the Genius Bar. Since I wasn’t doing anything else, I told them that that was fine by me, and went on my merry way. I ended up making my way up to Insomnia Cookies, which I ended up trying only a few days ago, and which I am now obsessed. One fact about me is that I am quite addicted to baked goods, such as cookies, cakes, and brownies. So I made the 10 block walk and treated myself. I then visited a friend, and offered them some of the cookies I had bought, since they allowed me to hang out in their place for a few hours, while I waited for eight o’clock to finally arrive. After the hours had past, I said goodbye and headed back to the Apple store, where I waited for another 40 minutes or so, and finally was seen. Unfortunately they could not fix my key today, since all the technicians had left for the day, but luckily the man who was helping me found an old backup I had on my phone, which seemed to contain most, if not all, of my old photos. Honestly I was so incredibly glad to find that out, since I could recover these memories. The photos spanned the last 2 years, from my junior year to around the time when I graduated. The photos contained my time abroad in Europe, as well as both my relationships. Though the memories I hold in my heart are much more important than any pictures, I’m still grateful that I should be able to recover most of the pictures that were lost. Then I finally traversed back home after a quick stop at Whole Foods, (I needed to pick up some sauce), where I made myself some leftovers, and was able to relax for the rest of the night.

So what’s the point of this post? In all honesty, there isn’t one. I’m still figuring out this whole thing as I go, and although my life may not always be the most exciting, I still want to document every day, or at least almost every day, so I can look back and remember where my journey began. So I hope you’ll stick around with me, and I hope that as I begin to write more and more, my writing will begin to improve, and so will my stories.

Until next time.

Good night

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